Monday, December 3, 2012

Resolution Update: November

Only one more month to go. 

Food We Tossed:

Chicken Fries: $0.30
1 tomato: $0.43
1 yop: $0.99
3 apples: $1.04 (1 rotted within 2 days of coming home and one Lynden asked for his preschool snack and refused to eat)
Cheese: $2 (it was moldy within a week, I rarely have cheese mold)
1/4 loaf of bread: $0.24
3 potatoes: $0.47
1 bag of chips: $1.99 (this was actually about 6 partial bags thrown out.  Someone doesn't eat the last 1/3 of a bag of chips...)
3 panini buns: $1.98
1 bagel: $0.47
5 yellow potatoes: $0.56
1/4 loaf banana bread: $0.29 (despite having 3 bananas in it there was no banana flavour)

Monthly Amount:


I think that's pretty darn tootin' good.  Especially since 2 apples, the banana bread, and cheese were not in my control.  I've taken to buying less fruit and making more trips to the grocery store because I noticed in the last few months we were wasting a lot of fruit. 

I also think the month long meal plan served me well.  Our shopping trips were taking less time and spending a little less money (this month I need a lot of meat since we did a bulk meat purchase in Septemeber and most of it has been used by now). 

Year to Date:


Considering how high the last few months have been I'm okay with this number. 

Average Monthly Total:


I would have liked to have seen that number drop below $15, but I'm on track for acheiving my goal of under $200 for the year. 

Estimated Waste for a Year:


I don't see any reason why I would go over $200 for the year. 


  1. I love seeing this post every month. I never really think about how much the little things add up. Think I might have to keep not in 2013. This would make a great resolution!

    1. It's a bit of a challenge to keep track each month, and I know I miss some things. But it's been eye opening for me and I'm thinking I am going to do it again next year and see how much less I can waste

  2. Incredible. Seriously impressive. More people should be looking at the food they waste like this. I am sure it would be eye opening to many.