Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cans For Comments Donation

Cans for Comments went pretty well.  I cannot thank you all enough for the comments.  We had 2 additional blogs join us, and I've heard a few more are participating this week. 

In total I received 59 comments and gained 16 new followers; that equaled 59 cans and $3, which I decided to turn into more food.

Now, bad blogger here, I did not take a picture of my donation.  But I swear I did buy it and donate it - I have witnesses.

Tuesday the annual CPR holiday train rolled into town.   The kids, my grandma, and I headed down and dropped the donation off, while taking in the celebration.  There were hot dogs, hot chocolate, train whistles, pretty lights, Santa and his (slightly creepy looking) elves, and some good tunes. 

I have not heard from all my co-hosts, but Shary donated 12 cans and Kera donated 6 toys, 23 cans, and an impressive $103!!!

If you participated and donated, please link up below so we can all see how well you did.

If you are participating in Cans for Comments now feel free add to your link as well


  1. Yay Amanda! You still rock for setting up this whole event. It was super fun and successful for everyone, because even one can or $1 donated will go towards helping someone in need. I can't wait to link up tomorrow morning {after I add in the rest of my pictures lol}.

  2. I know this drive is over, but I have a question - and please do not take this the wrong way. I absolutely don't mean for it to be rude or offensive at all. I am just curious about why the number of cans donated had to depend on the number of comments received on your blogs. If the hosts had the means to obtain these cans, couldn't they donate them regardless of how many people comment on a post? The families who benefit from these charities are going to be in a tough situation whether bloggers get comments or not. If I had the cans, I would just give them.
    Again, this is not meant to be rude. I just don't quite understand the connection between the comments and number of donations.

    1. I can't speak for my great co-hosts and those who participated, but for myself I did not just donatate based on what happened with Cans for Comments. Through out the month of December we donated to local food banks while shopping and donated toys through my son's preschool.

      If you read the original post you'd see I "borrowed" this idea from a friend of mine who did this last year. I ran with the idea and decided to do it as a link up, hoping to encourage other bloggers who might think about donations to donate.

      Like most link ups out there, we (my co-hosts and participans) were hopping to gain more blog traffic, followers, and exposure all while collecting donations that would benefit thier local charities.

      Also, for my family, we are not well off. Money and times are tight, and we do not donate as much as we would like to through out the year. It's hard to judge how much we "should" donate vs. how much we can afford to. This was helpful because I let the universe take over and decided to make it work no matter how many comments were left.

      Now, my question to you Anonymous: did you donate anything this holdiay season??

    2. Yes, I did donate a small amount of money and volunteer.

      Yes, I did read the original post, but I felt that it did not explain the connection between the cans and comments. I was wondering if perhaps an organization or store was going to provide you with cans. What I mean is that if you had gotten 500 comments, then the people who were donating "1 can for every 5 comments" would have had to obtain 100 cans each. Sounds cheap but we all know how one trip to the store can quickly add up.

      That is all I was asking - if you prepared to possibly obtain a large amount of cans, why couldn't you obtain and give them anyway?

      After reading your response, I understand how the followers and comments were probably a great way to promote the idea, or even encourage people to go take some cans to their own local food bank.