Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Stair Game - Invented By Lynden & Brody

My grandparents were nice enough to invite the kids and I over for dinner and I happily accepted - one night of no cooking, I'm there! 

While there Lynden wanted to play "The Stair Game", which I remember hearing about a few months ago but did not actually see the game played.  Lynden and his older cousin Brody came up with the game earlier this spring and they both enjoyed it, which is quite the feat since Lynden's 7 years younger. 

After playing the game on Friday I think it's kinda brilliant (then again, my son is kinda brilliant).

What you'll need:

2 Dice
Children - if they can count on their own even better then the parents don't actually have to do anything.

How to play:

1. The kids sit at the top of the stairs, they choose 2 numbers between 1 and 6, and rolls the dice (for added fun have someone at the bottom of the stairs and the kids can roll the dice down the stairs)
2. If one of their numbers come up they get to move down that number of stairs; their turn is over.  If both numbers come up they move down the highest number of stairs.
3. If their none of their numbers come up they stay where they are; their turn is over.
4. If one of their numbers is rolled as doubles they get another turn. 
5. The next child goes (follow steps 1-4).
6. The first child to the bottom of the stairs wins.
7. Play again!

It's a great way to practice counting and taking turns while having fun.  Lynden can play it for hours if we didn't get bored of it.

I love the educational games that don't feel like learning. 


  1. Hello! I saw your blog from Mom's Monday Mingle.
    I'm now following you on GFC.
    I hope you follow mine back. Thanks!

  2. Love this game it sounds like good fun. When my 2 year old is a little older I will definitely try it with her. Thanks for the idea.
    I am already following you and I enjoy reading your posts.
    Have a good day.

  3. Love this game! We have stairs, and I think my 3.5 yr old would love this game. Maybe big brother or big sister would play with him.

    Following you back from the mom blog monday blog hop.

    1. Older siblings make it so much fun, a great chance for bonding

  4. This might work when we go to the grandparents house because they have a two story house. What a great idea! I would never have deamed of that.

  5. Wow. That is impressive. Those are some resourceful kids. I used to love playing on the stairs when I was little. I used to pretend I was on a train. Something about stairs and kids :)

    1. I can see it being a train. There is something about them, I knew what it was when I was a kid but I forget now ;o)