Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dash: Cars

All Lynden could talk about yesterday was how he thought Dash should walk to the store and buy him a new car.  I think he's feeling the effects of "no new toys before Christmas" (even though it's been 5 days.....)

He talked in great length about how Dash would push the buttons, cross the street, the cars would stop for him, and going up the elevator. 

So, this morning Lynden was a little confused when he could not find Dash anywhere.  He searched all the rooms, under beds, in the fridge, and nothing.  No Dash. 

Danny suggested that maybe Dash was in the car or outside, so Lynden headed downstairs to check it out, and what do you know?  He found Dash.

Guess he heard Lynden because he was in Lynden's rainboots with a wet umbrella next to him. 

Lynden was pretty THRILLED to get a new Finn McMissle

Today's advent activity: donate a toy to charity


I am thrilled to announce we have another co-host for Cans for Comments.  Please welcome Shary Loves You.  She is donating 1 can for every 5 comments. 

Cans for Comments is taking place Dec 7-15 with my wonderful co-hosts Funny Postpartum Lady, Dawn's Disaster, Nugget on a Budget, and Shary Loves You  (Go and check them out but don't follow them yet, wait until the 7th so we can get more donations for local food banks).

I'm challenging all bloggers to participate for 1 day - you choose your donation and marker.

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