Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Notch In The {Metaphorical} Head Board

A while ago I saw something on Pinterest that I fell in love with. 

Pinned Image
ticket memory box

This is something I need to do.  Currently my ticket memory box is this:

I keep my tickets... to everything.  Hockey games, movies, concerts, and anything else I think is sentimental. 

Danny is so used to it he just hands me his movie ticket once we're in the theatre.  I don't know why I keep them but I do. 

But thinking about this box got me to thinking about all the concerts I've seen over the years (to give you a good idea most of these were seen between the ages of 19 and 22).

Elton John - my first concert
Queens of the Stone Age - I've seen them 3 times and they never disappoint. 
Our Lady Peace
Foo Fighters
Thornley - twice.  He puts on a great show
Default - twice
Hawksley Workman
City and Colour - twice

Thursday, August 23, 2012

How Life Changes

We all know when we have kids our lives are going to change.  We know we're not going to sleep much during the first year (or two).  We know we're going to be over run by toys.  We know we're going to have play dates.  We know our lives will change.

But there are some ways we don't realize our lives have changed until we're in the moment.

Lynden starts pre-school in just a few weeks and it's a big deal.  His first steps to starting his school life. 

It worked out well that Lynden needs some new pants (his legs keep getting longer but his waist hasn't budged in almost 2.5 years) and what do you know - it's back to school sales.  We hit our local Zellers but had no luck finding what we needed so I went to work early this week with the intent of hitting some stores in the mall. 

Shopping for clothes without your kids is so much easier than shopping with them. 

I managed to find him some pants and while looking for a pair of cargo pants, which I never did find, I found shirts that are too gosh darn cute!  Seriously!  I went a little over board but his birthday is next month as well so I'll save some of them for then. 

Back to my "in the moment" realization.

While looking for cargo pants I came across a table with shirts (t-shirts 2 for $18 and long sleeve 2 for $15).  I knew he didn't need any more shirts but I found a shirt that I could not pass up. 

Lynden is all about hot wheels!  I'm not kidding when I say we easily have 100 of them, if not more.  We once counted them but that was months ago so who knows now. 

He's so much about Hot Wheels that I am beyond excited about this Saturday.  Just another day right?  Wrong!

This Saturday Hot Wheels Canada is coming to our local Toys R Us to show off their new ramps (I've seen a picture of one of them and it looks Awesome!) and get kids to beg their parents for more cars. 

Lynden has no idea we're going - I want it to be a surprise.  So, Saturday morning we're going to get up and tell him we're going to the toy store and hey, look, mommy bought you this really awesome shirt. 

That was my first thought when I saw the shirt "this would be perfect for Saturday".  It was quickly follower by "damn, now I need to find another shirt", which was harder than I thought because I found a long sleeve shirt I really liked but didn't work with the two-for-deal.  This is how I bought 6 shirts (I already had two other shirts that I really loved for him that I just couldn't put back after I found the other ones)

Granted, even without Saturday I would have bought the shirt. 

While walking through a store I have to stop and look at all things Hot Wheels.  I spend time going through the selection of cars at stores to see if there's any cool cars that we don't already have.  And I am choice-less when I find cool shirts with cars on them. 

That is how my life has changed.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Berry Picking

Last week the kids went blackberry picking.  Lynden had a great time and Alyssa ate every berry she could

After a while Alyssa was getting to be too much while picking berries so Alyssa and I went back and played in the grass while Lynden and grandma continued on their "adventure"

blowing kisses

look at the handle: he was carrying almost 2lb of berries

And yes, we used Halloween and Easter baskets to pick berries

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Isn't That Pintersting: First Day Of School

I cannot beleive that Lynden is about to start pre-school; it seems like we were a long ways away from it but now it's just around the corner. 

After Lynden's birthday picture last year I love the idea of doing a First Day of School picture.  Here are some ideas I've seen on Pinterest.

Pinned Image
first day/last day pciture
Pinned Image
Oh The Places You'll Go
Getting teachers and coaches to sign over the years
Pinned Image
Smartie Pants
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
chalkboard signs

Pinned Image
handprints from each first day
Pinned Image
1st day sign
I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do, although I have some ideas.  I'll figure it out before he starts school.

Do you do anything for your child's first day of school?

Monday, August 20, 2012

"Friends List"

Anyone who has ever watched Friends knows what a "Friends List" is.  {If you have no idea what I'm talking about you'll figure it out pretty quickly}.  Here's mine:

1. Trevor Linden
In. A. Heart. Beat

2. Josh Duhamel
Come on, he's hot (I'm ignoring the fact he married Fergie)

3. Josh Hommes
Now, I should explain a bit about this one.  I don't find him to be that good looking; it's about how he plays his guitar.  You would have to see Queens of the Stone Age play to understand.

4. Matthew McConaughey
What girl doesn't have him on their list?

5. John Krasinski
It's all about Jim Halpert

Who is on your list?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fun Friday Blog Hop

I'm thrilled to be co-hosting the Fun Friday Blog Hop with Life with Twins & A Drama Queen.

Link up!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mommy Brain Mixer

I am SUPER excited to be co-hosting this fantastic link up.  You may remember Cassie from her wonderful guest post she did for me not too long ago. 

Make sure you go and check out the other bloggers and link up!


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Welcome to...

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The Mommy-Brain Mixer is the perfect place to find some great new blogs to follow, make some wonderful new blog friends, and enjoy some entertaining new reads!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Day In The Life...

I have read a few posts by other bloggers written from the view of their kids.  Today I thought I jump on the band wagon and share what Alyssa's typical(ish) day is like (from her point of view).

Sometime around 8am:
Yawn.  That was a good sleep.  Is that the TV? Lynden's up!  Yay {insert happy noise}oh look, Mommy!  Here mommy, give dolly a hug, you like dolly.  Where did my blanket go?  There it is.  Ok, I'm ready to go.  Up up up up!  Hi mommy!  I missed you.  Milk?  Ya milk!  I'll go sit on the couch and wait for you. 
Hmm... I wonder what's taking her so long, she must need my help, I'll go check on her.  Why are you getting 2 cups?  I only need 1.  Ya milk!!  Shoot, my spot on the couch is getting cold I need to get there fast before Lynden gets it.  Hey Lynden!  What are we watching?  Stop touching me, that's my milk, stop taking the blanket {insert appropriate whining noise to get Lynden into trouble}  Ha ha, you got in trouble. 

Mommy says I need a diaper change, I think not.  But I don't want her to stop changing my bum so I'll let her think I'm agreeing.  I'll walk up to her and then run away, hahaha, I'm so funny! {insert giggle} Look mommy's got a toy, I must have it.  Hey, you tricked me.  Ooh, maybe I did need a bum change.  Aren't my "toow-s" cute?  I like it when mommy kisses them, hey, you missed this foot.  Good thing I reminded her.  Hey mommy, I can throw that out for you, please, please, please?  Yes!  I'm going to run so she doesn't change her mind. 

Look, Lynden has cars, I want to play. 

FOOD!  I'm starving.  How can I climb up into that tall chair?  Mommy! Up!  Ya, I'm in my chair... wait a minute, where is my food?  {insert appropriate whining noise to let mommy know I'm not happy about waiting for food}.  FOOD!  Must inhale.  Oh this is so good.  You know what might make it taste better?  If I squish it.  Yes,  much better.  More, more, more!  No!  You cannot help me, don't help me.  No, I don't want any food.

I like getting my hands washed.  I wonder what that cloth tastes like?  I'll lick it when she's washing my face.  Yep, good!  Down now please.  I bet I can get the cars before Lynden.  Hey, where did mommy go?  Oh, she's still in the kitchen.  Hey!  She's unloading the dishwasher, I should help her.  I'll put the forks away, I like forks. 

All done.  I don't know why mommy keeps opening the dishwasher it's empty.  Oh look a fork!  {insert unhappy cry} Why can't I put it away?  {insert unhappy cry} Why can't I put it in my mouth it tastes good? {insert unhappy cry} I don't want to leave the kitchen.  Hey, toys! Lynden, look, toys!

Mommy's telling Lynden to get dressed, I hope that means I get to get dressed too.  Yes!  I like my clothes.  I'll sit and wait for her.  What is taking her so long?  I'll put on these shorts while I wait for her.  Mommy didn't like my shorts.  I can put my arms up, yay!  A shirt.  Pants too, awesome!  Socks?  Yes, here are my "toow-s". 

Mommy's getting dressed, I should go help her, I'm a good helper.  I want to play on your bed.  Push me so I fall over {insert giggle}.
Hey, are you going into the bathroom?  Are we having a bath?  No, ok, I'll grab some bath toys.  But I don't want to put them back {insert appropriate whining noise}.  Hey, you guys are brushing your teeth, I want to brush my teeth.  Up!

I'm such a good teeth brusher.  Hey Lynden, let' play!

Mommy and daddy talk about when Lynden was my age and wouldn't say "mama", he'd say "mmmmmmdada" or just "no".  I think that sounds like fun; I'll call mommy "daddy".  Hi daddy.  Hee hee, I'm so funny {insert giggle}

Hey mommy, why are you in the kitchen again?  Hey, my cup, I want, I want, I want {insert appropriate whining noise}.  But I want {insert crying}.  FOOD!  I'm starving, I want, I want, I want.  {insert grunting noise}.  But I want {insert crying}.

Walk!!  I love walks.  Where are my shoes?  I like my shoes.  Why is Lynden going to the bathroom?  Are we having a bath?  No, ok, I'll grab some bath toys.

Are we going downstairs now?  I like sliding down stairs.  Where are my shoes?  Weeeeeeeee.  I like sliding down stairs.  Look, mommy has my shoes.  Here, I'll sit and give you my "toow-s".  Yay! Shoes!  I like my shoes.   Can I go in the stroller?  Yes!

Yay, we're going for a walk.  I can't wait.  I like it when mommy goes fast, and over bumps, and around corners, and when the wind blows... wait, where's mommy?  There she is! 

The library, I like the library.  Why are we sitting on the floor?  I want to sit in mommy's lap too, move over Lynden.  Yay, I'm sitting in mommy's lap.  Music?  I like music.  I should stand up and dance.  Song's over?  I'm a good dancer, I should clap.  More music?  This is awesome!

Where are we going now?  Ooh, chairs, I like chairs.  I can climb up them but mommy says I should look at books.  I'll take one to keep her happy.  I should "read" at that table, so I'll climb up the chair and sit to look at the book.  Ok, flip pages, I have to "look" like I'm looking.  Ok, done, time to climb down and get another book so I can climb up again.  Hey, what's Lynden playing with?  I like toys.

Another walk, yay!  More bumps and my cup!  Good, I'm thirsty.  FOOD!  I'm starving!  Hey, where's mommy?  Phew, there she is.

Home!  Lynden's asking about the flowers maybe mommy will get the hose... Yes!  I want out, I want out, I want out {insert appropriate noises}, yes!  I want to play with the water, it's kind of like a bath but with my clothes on.  Mommy, let us run through it, please please please.  Yes!!!  Lynden chase me.  Ok, I'll chase you.  This is the best!

I don't want to go inside {insert appropriate whining}.  Hey, I'm naked, cool!  Can we go upstairs?  Yay!  I like climbing upstairs. 

Mommy's trying to change my bum again but I don't want to.  I'll run away for a bit.  Look, mommy's got a toy, I want!  Another trick. 
Time to get dressed again?   Yes! I like my clothes. I'll sit and wait for her. Look at those pretty clothes.  Socks? Yes, here are my "toow-s". 

FOOD!  I'm starving.  How can I climb up into that tall chair? Mommy! Up! Ya, I'm in my chair... wait a minute, where is my food? {insert appropriate whining noise to let mommy know I'm not happy about waiting for food}. FOOD! Must inhale. Oh this is so good. You know what might make it taste better? If I squish it. Yes, much better. More, more, more!  No! You cannot help me, don't help me. No, I don't want any food.

I like getting my hands washed. I wonder what that cloth tastes like? I'll lick it when she's washing my face. Yep, good! Down now please. I bet I can get the cars before Lynden.

I want to watch a show but I can't figure out how to turn the TV on like Lynden does.  I go to where he goes but it doesn't work.  I'll bring mommy the remote.  Here mommy.  Yay!  A show...yawn...

Mommy is asking where dolly is... where is dolly?  There she is.  Where's my blanket?  There.  Nap time?  Thank goodness, I'm sleepy.

I like my music sea horse, I'll sing with it.  La la la... I wonder how much of my blanket I can get in my mouth?  I'm sure I can get more than...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Yawn. That was a good sleep. Is that the TV, Lynden's up! Yay {insert happy noise}oh look, Mommy! Here mommy, give dolly a hug, you like dolly. Where did my blanket go? There it is. Ok, I'm ready to go. Up up up up! Hi mommy! I missed you. Milk? Ya milk! I'll go sit on the couch and wait for you. 
FOOD!  I'm starving.  Wait, why does Lynden have more than me?  Give me!  {insert appropriate whining}

Hmm... mommy's calling my stink butt and wants to change me again.  I'll run and make her work for it.  Hey, mommy's got a toy, I want.  Drats, tricked me again.

The phone is ringing, I should get it.  Here mommy.  Mommy says daddy's on his way home so Lynden needs to clean up, I should help.  Oh wait, I want to play with that toy, and that one, and that one, and that one...

Deck time, I like playing on the deck.  Especially when all the doors are open and I can go around and around and around and around

DADDY!!!  Come on, come upstairs faster.  I want to say hi.  Hi daddy!  Look at all these toys

Mommy's in the kitchen again, why aren't you getting me food, I'm hungry.  Mommy stop and pay attention to me.  Oh daddy's calling me, hi daddy, come see mommy in the kitchen, no, ok, I'll go get here for you.  Mommy... {push on mommy's legs}, hey, that was fun.  I'll go around, and around, and around.  Oh, daddy's calling me again, hi daddy!

FOOD!  I'm starving.  How can I climb up into that tall chair? Mommy! Up! Ya, I'm in my chair... wait a minute, where is my food? {insert appropriate whining noise to let mommy know I'm not happy about waiting for food}. FOOD! Must inhale. Oh this is so good. You know what might make it taste better? If I squish it. Yes, much better. More, more, more!  No! You cannot help me, don't help me. No, I don't want any food.

I like getting my hands washed. I wonder what that cloth tastes like? I'll lick it when she's washing my face. Yep, good! Down now please. I bet I can get the cars before Lynden.

Lynden, let's play! 

Why is mommy in the bathroom?  Do I hear water?  BATH!  Finally.  How quickly can I get undressed.  Quick, help me.  I want in!

Mommy, I want out of the bath now.  Show? Milk? Yes please!  FOOD!  I'm starving.  Wait, why does Lynden have more than me? Give me! {insert appropriate whining}

Mommy's changing my diaper; I'll let her this time.  Pajama time, I like pajamas.  Teeth brushing, yes.  I bet I can get to the bathroom first.  Up!

Bed time.  Mommy says I have to say good night, I like giving daddy and Lynden kisses.  Now I need to find dolly and blankie, there they are.  Up!  I like my music sea horse, I'll sing with it. La la la... I wonder how much of my blanket I can get in my mouth? I'm sure I can get more than...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday 10: Favourite Posts

Here are 10 of my favourite posts:

I'm not a drinker - this is probably my favourite written piece

It's fun seeing Lynden then and now


Isn't That Pinteresting: Birthday Edition

My sweet lovable boy is turning 4 next month! 

For almost 2 months I've known we're doing a Spiderman theme (he introduces himself as Spiderman and "shoots webs" and anything and everything).  I was tickled to start pinning ideas; here's what I've saved so far.
Pinned Image
Spiderman gift bags

Pinned Image
Cake idea
Seems easy enough
Pinned Image
Or we could do cupcakes
Pinned Image
Table settings
Pinned Image
Cool wall!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

You're A Mom When... {Part 2}

My first list was so popular it quickly became my 5th most popular post.  If you missed it check it out here.

You're a mom when:

- Your sleeve is not used to keep your arms warm; it's a napkin/kleenex
- You are not above bribery, in fact it's your go to trick to get kids to do anything and everything

- You've discovered you have super strength.  You can carry 4 bags of groceries, your purse, and a baby, while holding onto your other child's hand and searching for your keys.

- Fear is hearing the toilet flush when you didn't know anyone was in the bathroom

- Your purse is no longer for you.  It has your wallet, keys, and cell phone while the rest is their snacks, cups, toys, markers, diapers, wipes, and any other miscellaneous children items you may need

- Nudists appear to be brilliant; less laundry needs to be done

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Guest Post: Jessie {The Thriftiness Miss}

Today Jessie is back; we did a blog post swap awhile back, check it out here.  She's so creative (and thrifty) when coming up with ideas.  Today she's going to share a new thrifty idea.

Hi there life, Experience Needed readers! My name is Jessie and I blog over at The Thriftiness Miss. I so happy that I can help Amanda out while she and her family are on their staycation. 

I'm here today to share with you the gift of gratitude, with an exercise in positive thinking. 

These are plain river rocks but they can be more if you want them to be.

The exercise goes like this... Keep your rock with you or in a place that you will see throughout your day. Whenever you see your rock, hold it and think briefly about what you are thankful for in life.

I Jessie, am thankful for...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: King Of The Castle

The kids and I got home from the Island yesterday and had a great time.  Thank you to all my wonderful guest bloggers who have subbed in for me; there will be another guest post tomorrow.

Until I'm back (either Friday or Monday) enjoy Lynden's sandcastle.