Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dash: Tea Party {Final Day for Cans For Comments}

Lynden had a sleep over at Gramma's house last night (and I heard whispers of Dash dropping something off there during the night) so last night he had a tea party for one. 

Alyssa hasn't noticed. 

She enjoys holding him and making him dance (and not sharing with Lynden) but that's about as far as she understands what he's about. 

Today is the final day of Cans for Comments.

I would like to thank all of you for your comments and follows (I'm over 50 comments).  It's all going to a good cause.

A HUGE Thank you to my spectacular co-hosts!!!  You ladies are beyond amazing.

Visit them today and leave one final comment.

Liz at Funny PostPartum Lady, Dawn at Dawn's Disaster, Kera at Nugget on a Budget, and Shary at Shary Loves You.


  1. Looks like Dash had a busy night! It seems your whispers were right...he made a stop here last night and left a little something. I sent you the pics. Lynden was quite surprised and curious, lol.

  2. Love all you're updates with Dash. Congrats on over 50 cans!