Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Notch In The {Metaphorical} Head Board

A while ago I saw something on Pinterest that I fell in love with. 

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ticket memory box

This is something I need to do.  Currently my ticket memory box is this:

I keep my tickets... to everything.  Hockey games, movies, concerts, and anything else I think is sentimental. 

Danny is so used to it he just hands me his movie ticket once we're in the theatre.  I don't know why I keep them but I do. 

But thinking about this box got me to thinking about all the concerts I've seen over the years (to give you a good idea most of these were seen between the ages of 19 and 22).

Elton John - my first concert
Queens of the Stone Age - I've seen them 3 times and they never disappoint. 
Our Lady Peace
Foo Fighters
Thornley - twice.  He puts on a great show
Default - twice
Hawksley Workman
City and Colour - twice
The Vines with Jet - I went because Jet was opening and they were great! The lead singer of the Vines quit about 3 or 4 songs in and we chanted for Jet to do an encore
Tea Party - worst concert EVER! I actually left the show early.
Tupelo Honey*
Sevendust with Non Point and Wicked Wisdom - Wicked Wisdom was better than I thought they'd be and Non Point stole the show. 
Queen with Paul Rodgers - Paul Rodgers is no Freddy Mercury
Papa Roach
Theory of a Deadman - another disappointing concert
Nickelback- twice; they put on a good show.
Seether, 30 Seconds to Mars (Jared Leto is an ASS!  If you diss the city you're playing in expect to be booed.  Then when we boo you don't finger us.), Three Days Grace, and Kings of Leon all opened for Nickelback.
State of Shock
Day Theory*
A Sheep at the Wheel* - 3 times
Shocore *
BSB - yes, I was one of "those" girls.
Finger Eleven - twice
Jimmy Eat World
Swollen Members
Precious Fathers*
Kids These Days*
Mohawk Lodge*
Poor Folk*
Castle Project*
Vincent Black Shadow*
System of a Down with The Mars Volta - I was pretty excited to see The Mars Volta but it was a let down.  They played for an hour and played maybe 3 or 4 songs.  They basically jammed the entire set. 
Colin James
Elevation : U2 cover Band

* Indie bands

Tonight I get to add another band to that list: Metallica.  I've never seen them before (where as Danny has seen them multiple times) and even though I'm not a "fan" (I mean I don't know every song... or the names of all the band members) I'm looking forward to seeing them.  There aren't many "super bands" left, which is why I paid stupid money to see U2, and Metallica is definitely one of them. 

Not only do I get to see a pretty cool band, but I get to see them with my husband.  Danny and I have not been to a concert together since before we had Lynden... yes, it's been that long.  Although, I suspect this might start something for us (especially since we're both hoping Coheed and Cambria make a stop in Vancouver on their upcoming tour)

The only downside - we had to print out tickets online, which means I have no ticket stub to keep.  Maybe I can find a discarded one on our way out....

What was your favourite band to see?


  1. Nonpoint is awesome. How was Shocore? You should go to more shows, you were always a music junkie. This blog needs concert reviews!

    1. Nonpoint was awesome! I'd love to see them again. I saw Shocore in the now defunked Buffalo Club and they're were pretty good. Helped that we were kinda "with the band" that night since Pete and Corey know eachother.

  2. Hello,
    I have just found you through the Mom blog monday blog hop, I am not quite a mum yet - due in September but enjoy the parenting frugally topic!!

    Natalie x

  3. What a fun idea!
    Preserve those memories....

  4. Wow that is awesome, you've seen some great shows! My hubby and I have NEVER been to a concert together..crazy!! lol

  5. wow..that's just amazing that you kept all those tickets! Do post a photo of the memory board when you finish making it!

  6. Popping over from the Monday Mom's Mingle.

    Love tickets and keeping everything! I have mine in a scrapbook and cherish the memories of looking back at all the fun things I have seen.


    1. If I could scrapbook that might be an option...
      Happily following back

  7. This is a great idea!! I love pinterest - you can find so many wonderful things to make there! My favorite concert I've ever been to was Green Day - it was amazing!

  8. What a fun way to keep good memories alive! Following you on LF from the Monday Mingle hop, hope you'll stop by :)

  9. Cute cute! I found your blog from the Blog Hop, and I love this idea! I LOVE LOVE keeping ticket stubs. One of my favorite things to do is look through my tickets and think about all the memories I have from that one little ticket. I need to get on this craft too. Post a picture if you end up making it yourself; I'd love to see how it turns out!

    1. That's exactly it. I also have almost every hockey ticket, which is a lot!
      Happily following back

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  11. I am in LOVE with the ticket memory box!! Found you thru the I Love My Online Friends GFC Hop! New Follower! YAY!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  12. WOW. You've seen a lot of concerts. What a GREAT pin you found to keep all those ticket stubs on display. Love it! I haven't seen many concerts :( favorite is Pearl Jam.

    1. Pearl Jam is another band I've heard good things about. And, yea, I've seen more than some. Before we had kids, Danny and I were big music geeks so shows happened a lot.

  13. cute ticket idea. i haven't gone to enough things to keep tickets but i still have the ones from coldplay and modest mouse. :)
    following u from the naptime review monday mom mingle thing.

  14. What an incredible keepsake collection you have! Some day you'll put it into a format you like. For now, keeping them is what is important!
    I know -- you'll groan, but I really want to get back to a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy concert!
    I found your site through the Blog Hop on Maybe you'll hop on over to Simply Chic For You
    Thanks for a terrific post! :)

    1. If you like them there's nothing wrong with that
      Happuly following back

  15. Oh man, you're going to be so deaf after that concert lol! But I bet it'll be really fun. :) I get annoyed because of the amount of e-tickets I have instead of real ones because I like to keep everything too lol.

    1. This was my first e-ticket. I looked for a discarded one when I left but no luck

  16. That is a lot of tickets! I love the idea though!

  17. I have only been to two music concerts, but 1 of them had 13 bands including No Doubt, Beck, Sarah McLachlan, and Jane's Addiction. At least there's that.
    I'm a ticket keeper also, but I stopped after the kids showed up. I like that box, but if I'm honest, I would probably never make it. Instead my tickets sit in a box in a cabinet for my kids to find when they clean out my house when I'm old and senile.

    1. That almost sounds like a better way, LOL. Although it would be interesting to see if they cared and found it as interesting as we do/did