Saturday, December 8, 2012


Dash has had some late nights.  He somehow got a tree and put it up, that's exhausting for us normal sized people, he's like 8" tall.  Guess it finally caught up with him

Hopefully, Lynden will remember what he learned yesterday about not waking people when they're sleeping (it was a fight at 6:30 yesterday).

Yesterday's advent activity was to go see Santa.  Danny took them down to the mall and they didn't get pictures but talked to Santa - Lynden seems to be warming up to him; Alyssa's not going near him.

Today's activity: spend the day with family. 

We're heading up to Grouse for the day with some cousins.  There's reindeer, Santa, cookie decorating, and a bunch of other things going on. 

"It's getting to feel a lot like Christmas"


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  1. Love the sleeping elf idea. Today our elf is taking a bath in a bowl full of marshmallows. My son thought this was the greatest thing ever.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Maria - still waiting to see pictures of Chevy ;o)

  3. That's funny that they won't go near Santa! LOL
    Good idea to use the elf for teaching lessons!!
    Cheers, Auntie Dana :)

    1. Lynden's agreed to have his picture with Santa, so we'll see this week

  4. I love all the Elf ideas - especially that he brought your tree! ;o) Thanks for stopping by the blog hop! xx

    1. Thanks, I think that was the big one for Lynden this year