Thursday, April 18, 2013

Looking Through The Eyes Of A 4-Year Old

One of the great things about our new place is having a yard the kids can play in anytime.  It's been so nice to have them play outside for hours and come in dirty and smiling.

However, we need some outside toys.  The Easter Bunny was nice enough to bring some outdoor toys but it hasn't been enough to keep Lynden occupied - Alyssa's quite content to dig in the dirt, run up and down the small hill, throw a ball, chase the ball (sometimes I'm shocked as to how much toddlers and puppies have in common), or just blow bubbles.  Lynden, on the other hand, needs more instructions on what to do. 

The other day it was nice out and the forecast was calling for rain the next day so I kicked the kids out to go and play.  Every 5 minutes Lynden was asking if he could come in.  After saying "no! Go play outside!" repeatedly I came up with an idea.

I took the memory card out of my camera and told Lynden to go take some pictures (without a memory card it only stores 17 pictures).  Here are some of his photos he took

Hi Alyssa

spring has sprung

reminds me of a picture
you can see it here


part of our rock garden

the clouds are coming

it's kind of artsy

on the go

I'm adding this picture because I still don't know what this is:

I liked that he was excited to go outside (and take pictures).  I told him he could take pictures of anything he wanted and it was interesting to see what he thought was worth taking a picture.  Granted I also have a few pictures of shirts, hands, foreheads, blurs, etc, but it was nice to see him have fun. 


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  2. It amazes me that these pictures are taken by your five your old son, the bucket picture does look very artsy! & Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme know & lets
    keep in touch!