Our Family

Danny and I met back in 2005 while going to school in Vancouver.  "Our story" began one day in June while helping a friend with his CD release party (I won't share the little details since my grandparents read this).  I had been crushing on Danny for almost a month when we were paired up as the "street team" to promote our friend's band (we were suppose to stand outside the Shaw building with signs while they were performing on TV, but they felt sorry for us since we were the only 2 there and let us come in and watch them perform).  We ended up spending the whole day together just hanging out before going to the CD release party at the Media Club that evening. 

Danny says that was the night he knew I liked him.  He asked me to save his seat when he got up and because I did he knew I liked him.  He was right.  After that night we hung out a lot. 

In May 2006 we decided to move to the Okanagan.  Danny was offered a good job and I was looking for a change in scenery, so when I finished school we made the very slow trek (it was literally slow, we had everything in a trailer hooked to the back of a friend's truck.  Our top speed going up hills was 40km/hr).

New Years 2008 we went back east for the Winter Classic in Buffalo, NY.  During that trip we decided we wanted a baby (the topic had been thrown around a few times but one of us was ready and the other wasn't and then vise-versa) and started trying.  It did not take long.  On January 24th it was confirmed: I was pregnant.

On September 24th 2008, our beautiful son Lynden entered this world.  It was one of the best days of my life. 

On August 19th 2009 I awoke to a path of red roses leading me to the living room where Danny was waiting on bended knee.  6 weeks later, on October 3rd, we were married surrounded by our family and a few close friends.  It was a wonderful day, filled with love and fun. 

The following spring we decided we wanted to have another baby and in May 2010 we were pregnant again.  On a very hectic January 14 2011 Alyssa joined our family.  Another best day of my life. 

It has almost been 6 years since Danny and I started our story.  A lot has happened in that time and I cannot wait to see what the next 6 years bring us.