Monday, October 31, 2011

Sad To See You Go

Over the weekend we went to my dad, stepmom, and youngest sister's for their "so long and thanks for all the fish" party; they're moving to the island in a few days. 

It's really sad to see them go since we just moved back this year.  We've tried to see them once a month so Lynden can build a relationship with them (he's all about his aunt and they have pretend sleepovers quite often).  It's been really nice to see them as much as we have and I don't really want to go back to seeing them a few times a year. 

Thankfully, we'll see them in 2 months (really, it'll be like 1 month to them since they'll spend most of November unpacking and settling in) at Christmas time.  We try to get over in the early spring to visit with my stepdad so now we'll just have to extend our trip (drats, twist my rubber arm) and head up to visit with them too. 

If I manage to figure out how to go back to work with my company in the new year I'll have to book all my vacation time right off the bat (trip to the Island, Edmonton in the summer, and 2 possible other trips). 

Danny and I have already talked about spending every third Christmas on the Island, so we know we'll spend a few holidays with everyone.  It's still sad to know they're not 20 minutes away anymore, although Lynden will Love going on "the big big boat that sails across the sea" to visit them. 

at Playland

Lily and I have the same jackets
bought by different people, at different places, at different times

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