Friday, October 7, 2011

The Lingering Cold

I've had this simple slight cold all week and it's starting to drive me nuts - but so are my kids (they go hand in hand, hear me out). 

Normally a cold like this wouldn't slow me down much, but the key to that is some sleep.  It hit me really hard late last week and last Saturday I got to sleep in and did I sleep in!  At 10 Danny woke me up - I haven't slept in until 10 in....

that long. 

For the rest of the weekend I felt alright; the cold was there but it wasn't annoying me by any means.  Then Sunday night it flared up again and I just haven't been able to shake it. 

It doesn't help that Alyssa is going through a weird phase, I'm not sure if it's growing (she's chunking up again, which leads me to think she's going to grow again) or teething (she's gnawing on everything but drooling less).  Since she was 3 months and we moved her to her own sleeping space (playpen for 3 months then crib for the last 3 months) she has refused to sleep with me.  She'll wake up in the night, feed and then want to be put back into her bed.  Until this last week when I've been fighting this annoying little cold.  Now she wakes in the night for a quick feed (it's really only half a feed) before she passes out.  At this point I move her back to her crib to have her awaken and scream.  The only way she'll sleep is in bed with me. 

I'm torn on what to do with her night crying too.  With Lynden we used the cry it out method and I have no issues on using it with Alyssa but now I have the added bonus of my kidlets sharing a room.  Lynden already ends up in our bed at some point during the night, which then causes me to move to the couch (too many people who radiate heat in our bed).  So, do I let Alyssa cry herself back to sleep and risk waking Lynden to have him come in earlier than normal or do I get her?  I've been trying to let her go as long as I can without waking him, but she's a smart cookie and she knows that if one cry isn't working to try another, however in the middle of the night it takes her awhile to fully realize I'm not coming so it's a variety of half cries. 

Anyways, I digress.  I know I can kick this cold with 1, just 1, night of actual sleep.  For that to happen I need Alyssa to wake up once for a feeding (I'd say sleep all the way through but the odds of that are slight at the moment) and go back to bed in her bed.  Lynden also needs to last in his bed all night too, but there's a trade off for that.  Either he can get up (and come into our room) and have a dry pull up or sleep through the night and have a full pull up. 

At this point I'll take the latter.  I need to get over this thing.


  1. I know Ethan is about a year older then Lynden, but since moving Peyton into his room. We tell him that if she cries just let her be and it will she will go back to sleep. We havn't had any issues yet. Good luck!!

  2. I found that my kids would sleep through or fall asleep when the other one was crying (maybe that's why they beat on each's soothing). I never have been a fan of "family" beds. What kind of bed does Lynden have? If it's a regular twin you can always take him to the bathroom when he gets up and then back to bed and lay with him for a bit there. I know it won't solve your sleep issues right now, but it might help Lynden get used to going to his own bed. When Alyssa has her feed, what about when she stops eating wake her up to finish...then maybe she won't wake up. Or make Danny get up with pumped milk or formula. All this from a mom that just spent an hour crying because her kids are stealing and lying. Good luck!!