Thursday, October 6, 2011

What A Pintresting Week

I've mentioned before how I love Pintrest.  It's way too addicting.  This is are a few of the pins that I've enjoyed discovering this week.

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Ruffle Top
This top is just friggin' adorable. 

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Closet Storage Idea
Would be perfect for when the kids get their own rooms
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Water Fountain Attachment
If I can find them everyone is getting them in their stockings

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Zucchini Black Bean Rice Skillet
Looks so yummy
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French Toast Kabobs
A nice Sunday morning breakfast
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Birthday Favour Idea
Might be a nice idea for Alyssa's birthday
Pinned Image
Halloween Snack
Healthy and creepy; perfect for a little boy

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Wine Cave
I'd LOVE to have a wine cave
and a house that needed one

This is what has caught my eye this week.  What caught your attention?

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