Thursday, October 27, 2011

Isn't That Pintresting

I haven't been on Pintrest much this week; Alyssa hasn't been sleeping well which means I'm not sleeping well.  This means I haven't completed my Pintrest projects yet, although I went out today to buy what I need for one.  Hopefully I can finish it by the end of the weekend. 

Here's some of my favourite stuff I've pinned:

Pinned Image
I adore this dress

Pinned Image
Weekly Calendar
I love this, sadly I have no where to put it :-(

Pinned Image
Girl's Closet
I this this is Adorable.  Perfect for any little girl
Pinned Image
Mojito Cupcakes
What's not to like? 
Pinned Image
Photo Collage
What a wonderful idea
Pinned Image
Guitar Coat Hooks
Cool and different
Pinned Image
The truth about Santa
Anyone who has kids needs to look at this
Pinned Image
Machu Picchu
If I only go one place in my life this will be it

Life, Experience Needed

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