Friday, October 28, 2011

My Son's A Guppie

Yesterday Lynden finished his first set of swimming lessons.  I wasn't really sure how he was going to take to it since we've had issues in the bath over the last 18 months.  He hated getting his hair washed and it was a whole big crying sobbing mess anytime we even mentioned washing his hair.  Thankfully he's been better about it for the last 6 months.

A few days after Lynden's birthday was his first swimming lesson and wow!  I expected tears, I expected crying but I did not expect what happened that first night. 

1st class
He was all excited to go, even standing on the pool deck waiting for the instructor he was fine.  The moment his instructor arrived the crying started, thankfully I wasn't the only parent with an upset toddler.  I ended up spending the whole 30 minute class crouching by the pool trying everything I could think of to get Lynden into the pool, while fighting the urge to just push him in (don't judge me, I didn't do it!).  Between myself and a life guard we got Lynden to throw some toys into the pool so he could go and clean them up, which he did wonderfully.  Then the instructor asked him to sit on a platform that's in about 2" of water and all hell broke lose. 

He was out of the water and would not go back in.  He begged me to let him leave, he begged me to get into the pool with him (I was not in my swimsuit).  I convinced him to sit on the pool deck with his toes in the water, but I HAD to hold on to him.    By the time I got him to get his knees into the water class was over.


Danny went to the second lesson, wearing his swim shorts, and spent the whole class in the pool with Lynden.  He said Lynden was able to do everything the instructor wanted him to do as long as Danny was the one to do it.  If the teacher went near him the crying began.  (Danny, too, said he had to restrain himself from just pushing him into the pool - we knew he could do it he just didn't want to)

After the class we asked the teacher what she wanted us to do for the next class, go in with him or just leave him with her.  She said she could handle it so the next class we left a hysterical toddler with her. 

By class 5 Lynden made it through the 30 minute lesson without crying.  By lesson 6 he would run to the instructor and hold her hand when it was time for class to start. 

In yesterday's 10th and final class it was a totally different child in the pool.  He actually took off for the instructor when we weren't looking, smiles through the whole class, splashes, floats on his back and tummy, walks to the deeper end of the bigger pool (it's shoulder deep), picks up rings under water, sings songs, and has a wonderful time.  He really likes the instructor (he even talks about her when we're at home). 

I'm really happy he's taken to swimming lessons and has done well with them.

Lynden moves on to Guppies 2 next week.

in the pool

hello there

floating on his tummy

this makes me giggle

putting away rings

it's a terrible picture but I love his grin
(I didn't take these pictures)

choosing his prize for finishing his lessons

He's a Guppie

Ice cream celebration


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  1. I love that he was persistent. What a cutie! Looks like her earned that ice cream sandwich!