Monday, October 3, 2011

Out And About: Zoo

Last year for Lynden's birthday we took him to see pumpkins and goats and then had a party the next day.  I really liked the idea of making a weekend out of his birthday and so I've we've decided to do a family outing on his birthday weekend. 

Earlier in the summer my mom gave Lynden the book "Curious George goes to the Zoo" and he liked it so my mom and I talked about taking him to the zoo here.  We tossed around dates until Danny decided he wanted to go to the zoo with us.  Knowing I wanted to have a family outing the day after Lynden's birthday I decided the zoo would be perfect!

After a sleepless night (due to the adults-only post party) and much finagling (car issues) we managed to get out the door to the zoo. 

We arrived just before 2 and got a seat on the 3 o'clock train, meaning we had an hour to wander.  We explored the Vivaium and then headed towards to the African Savannah (zebras, buffalo, camels).  By the time we made it to Asia (more camels, burro, yak, etc) we had about 30 minutes to make it back to the train station.  We powered walk (and looked) through the Artic (wolf and reindeer), North American Wilds (bear, eagle), and the rest of African Savannah (hippo, jaguar).  We arrived at the train station with 2 minuets to spare.

As the train departed we saw lions, tigers, flamingos, hippos and then RAIN.  I don't mean a little sprinkle, I mean full on skies opened torrential downpour.  We spent the last 2/3rd of the ride trying to keep the kidlets dry.  My mom, Alyssa and I were in the back of the first car with Lynden and Danny in the front of the second car.  Danny hunched over Lynden with his jacket open trying to keep Lynden away from the rain coming in from the sides and the waterfall from the back of the first car.  I had Alyssa standing on my lap with her blanket over her body trying to keep her still.  Everyone on the train couldn't do anything but laugh at all the rain.  By the time we got back to the station thunder was rolling and Danny was Drenched.  We decided it was time to go home. 

We missed the South America/Australia section (where the lions, tigers, baboons, etc were).  But we enjoyed it until the rainfall.  We've decided we'll try again sometime this fall, when there's no rain predicted.  If Lynden enjoys it we'll invest in a family pass and go often - for a family of 2 adults and 3 kids it's about $71 per visit or a seasons pass for $183 - not bad.  It's actually a great deal since it's 12 months from the date you buy it and yo get free parking, free train tour, free admission to the Edmonton Valley Zoo (we can go next year while we're in Alberta) and BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops, 20% off admission to the Aquarium and Science World, 10% off the gift shop and Resteraunt. 

in the vivarium
Lynden & Daddy checking things out


I think this was an addax

3 hump camel

ostrich, Lynden liked it


Alyssa enjoying the view

Lynden & Yaya walking
I really do love these shots



I can't get over the antlers

Bald Eagle


Lynden & Daddy on the train

Alyssa on the train

Side story: the jacket Alyssa is wearing is the very first article of baby clothing we ever bought.  With Lynden we didn't know what we were having so we had to buy gender neutral clothing. Lynden wore it 2 or 3 times - it's much cuter on his sister. 

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