Monday, October 17, 2011

Out And About: Fire Hall And 2 Pumpkin Patches

It's funny, I can have nothing going on for an extended period of time and then have a million different things planned in a short period of time.  Since Lynden's birthday we've had a lot of down time and now we're getting back into a busy time with this weekend kicking it off.
A while back I decided it was Pumpkin Patch time and arranged things with some cousins.  After a date and location was chosen we discovered the fire hall near our house was having an open house and scrambled to rearrange out pumpkin picking so we could do both. 

After we figured it all out my mother-in-law mentioned she had bought tickets to another pumpkin patch in the hopes we could go with her while my sister-in-law and niece were visiting this weekend.  More rearranging and we had our weekend plans; a fire hall and 2 pumpkin patches.

It worked out Very well. 

Saturday morning we headed down to the fire hall, where Lynden had a blast.  He loved oogling over the fire trucks and all the equipment.  After wandering around he wanted to try out the obstacle course, which ended with spraying pylons with a fire hose.  He was hesitant but in the end it was his favourite part.  Even on Sunday he asked if he could use the fire hose again. 

on the back of the fire truck

spraying the fire hose

Fire Chief Lynden

driving the Ranger

After a quick lunch and nap we were off to the Maan Pumpkin Patch (after dropping Alyssa off with my mom for the afternoon).  We wandered aimlessly through the corn maze, took a tour on the tractor ride, fed some goats and held some bunnies, played on the playground and slid down an awesome slide, and finally picked out our pumpkins (Lynden and I chose one each).

Which one to choose?

mommy & Lynden

hiding in the corn

feeding the goats

I wanted to sneak it into my bag
it was SO soft

tractor driving

so many pumpkins

in with the pumpkins

should I take this one?

this was the one he chose
it got "lost"

with everyone's pumpkins

mommy & Lynden

Sunday we were off to the Laity Pumpkin Patch with the cousins.  The kids played in the "farm" (various activities with wooden animals), rode the tractor ride, and chose pumpkins for Alyssa and daddy.  Sadly, it was not nearly as nice as Maan Farm but Laity had a Great pumpkin patch. 

Lynden driving sister in the tractor

Pumpkin Pickin Time

milking a wooden cow

more pumpkins

this time Alyssa got to have some pumpkin fun

holding hands

what am I suppose to do with this?

a field of pumpkins

Lynden enjoyed both pumpkin patches and has not taken his fire chief hat off all night. 

Now we're just waiting for daddy's next spare evening to carve our pumpkins.  It will be Lynden's first carving experience; last year we painted our pumpkins.

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