Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guest Post: Cassie {Two In Diapers}

Today I thrilled to have you meet Cassie.  I found her blog a few months ago and had to read everything she had written.  Her stories are funny and it's so nice to see I'm not the only one who finds myself amused with what my kids do.  Make sure you check out her Thursday Mommy -Brain Mixer

Without further adieu here's Cassie.

Hi! I'm Cassie, and I blog over at Two In Diapers! I'm super excited to be filling in for Amanda today!

At Two In Diapers, I write a whole lot about my favorite activity in the entire world: being a mommy! As a mother of three littles, ages 1, 2, and 4, you can usually find me changing diapers, playing duck-duck-goose, tending to boo-boos, or saying things like, "stop picking your nose", "get your foot out of his face", "No, you can't have fruit snacks for breakfast", and "how did Mommy's bra get in the middle of the living room floor?". :)

I think motherhood is possibly one of the most hilarious occupations on the planet, and I love to share stories of every-day events that make me laugh! Here's one for you!


This weekend I bought this shirt that is just really cute. It's this adorable color of bright yellow, with white embroidered flowers on the front, flowy-like sleeves, and a tie on the neckline. So cute! And it's just one of those shirts that makes everything look good and in proportion. We love those!

I wore it yesterday, but really only for part of the day, and not for sweaty activities. I put it on around 10:30ish, and then took it off at 3:00 when I got dressed for Tae Kwon Do. I feel like three days per week my husband only sees me in sweats {morning} and my TKD uniform {when he comes home to "relieve" me as I run out the door}, and then back to sweats when I get home, and I felt like this particular shirt was just too cute to wait for another round of laundry. 

So, I inspected it, saw that it was clean, smelled it to make sure it was fresh, and hung it up to wear today {knowing that today would bring hair clients, my daughter's soccer practice, and an evening with my husband}.

This morning I put the shirt back on, got all done up, and came downstairs to greet the morning and my hubby. I walked down the stairs feeling pretty and came floating around the corner to the kitchen. My husband stopped and smiled at me and I knew a compliment was coming. 

Before he could speak, though, my four-year-old daughter said {in a very excited voice}, "Mommy, I'm SO glad you are wearing that pretty shirt again from yesterday!". 

Busted. Sigh...

Anything like this ever happen around your house? If this story gave you a giggle or reminded you of something that happened to you recently, we are compatible blog friends for sure! You definitely need to come visit me at Two In Diapers! Even better, come link you your story to to the Thursday Mommy-Brain Mixer! :)

Thanks again, Amanda, for letting me visit today!


  1. Gah!! Kids and their need to tell the truth all the time!! :D

  2. I love this story. I think your little girls compliment may have been just as good as whatever your husband was going to say. I do the sniff, check for stains, re-wear clothes a lot. There's just so much laundry to do as it is.
    It's beautiful that you say being a mommy is your favorite activity in the world. More people should think that way, including myself.