Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

I was so excited for pumpkin carving this year.  I had this image in my mind of Danny, Lynden and I laughing as we dug out of pumpkins and the excitement building while we carved out our designs. 

I think I was living in the 50's in my daydream.  It went nothing like that.

Lynden and I were going to clean out the pumpkins during the day so it would be less work when Danny got home.  When Alyssa went for her nap we grabbed out pumpkins and tools to get started.

I don't know what face he was going for

Lynden refused to put his hand in the pumpkin while I gutted all 4 of them.  While I gutted the last pumpkin Lynden was finally willing to get his hands slightly dirty while helping grandma pull the seeds out of the bowl everything went into.

He was so excited about the pumpkin seeds and couldn't wait for them to come out of the oven.  The moment they were done he was there waiting.  I handed him one, which he licked and handed back to me.  That was the end of the pumpkin seeds. 

After Danny and my mom arrived Lynden was ready to get carving.  I had prepped the pumpkins with the outline of our designs so all we had to do was carve. 

Remember that image I had?  It went nothing like that.  Lynden sat in his chair watching me saw through the pumpkin, waiting for me to be done so he could push the cut out part into the pumpkin.  Danny ran out to get dinner, so I did Alyssa's (her handprint), Lynden's (flying bat), and mine (vampire Mickey, which I was told I was crazy to try since it was going to be hard).  When Danny came back with food he decided I had done such a good job with my pumpkin I should do his too. 

We let Lynden choose the design (a funny face) and I carved the fourth and final pumpkin.  Wasn't quite what I had planned, but the pumpkins turned out Really well.  I'm super happy with them. 

After dinner we lit the pumpkins so Lynden could see what they looked like, and he loved it.  Which was the best thing in the world!

Daddy's pumpkin with a funny face

Mommy's pumpkin with a fangless vampire Mickey

Lynden & Alyssa's pumpkins
funny face bat & Alyssa's handprint

Lynden enjoying them being lit

all lit up

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