Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Halloween

Lynden's been looking fowards to Halloween for a few days now.  He likes the idea that he just has to knock on someone's door, say "trick or treat", and people will give him candy. 

So, Monday was spent holding him off from running out the door to go.  I told him the sun has to start to go to bed before we can go (on a side note: I'm not looking forward to day light savings.  Lynden knows he HAS to stay in bed until the sun wakes up, which is around 8am.  With our clocks going back an hour that's 7am... not hapy). 

Dany was able to get off work early, and my sister had the day off so she decided to come out and meet up to come to the local mall for their trick or treating in the afternoon.  Off we went, Lynden in his James costumes and Alyssa bundled up for the brisk walk to the mall. 

We then came home, quickly ate some dinner and then headed over to my grandparents and mom's to show off the kids' in their costumes.  After a quick stop at Tim Hortons for some hot chocolate we were off to meet up with cousins to go trick or treating.  Lynden did Really well, he went up to the scary houses, with some help, and handled the many firecrackers very well.  It was only when I was getting Alyssa into the car and Danny was taking Lynden to a few more houses that a firecracker went off fairly close to us and startled everyone that Lynden decided the wanted to go home. 

Alyssa did really well too, she was faiyly content to hang out in the stroller as we walked at a snails pace and stopped frequently.  Although she was done by the time got in the car (thankfully my sister had downloaded some games on her Iphone for Lynden and was able to distract an upset baby with them instead).

We came home and checked out all the candy Lynden scored and did our best to stop him from eating it all in one sitting. 

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