Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sweet And Squirmy

I have this cute, adorable, smart, sweet daughter.  She melts my heart every time she smiles at me and she brings such joy to our lives.  Until I need to change her diaper or get her dressed.  Then I'd sell her to gypsies. 

Alyssa is so busy doing anything and everything she doesn't have 90 seconds for me to change her bum.  I can honestly change a diaper in 90 seconds or less.  It now takes me 3-5 minutes, if I'm lucky.  I can get her diaper off but the moment she feels air on her bum she's outta here.  She flips and crawls as fast as she can away from me.  It takes me 3-10 attempts to get her back down long enough to get the diaper under her bum, it then takes me another 5 or so tries to get it done up.  By the time she's half way across the room I discover it's too loose and if she poops I'll have a big mess to clean up.  So we try again.  Most of the time; sometimes I say "fuck it" and hope with all my might she doesn't poop before I get some pants on her.

Getting her dressed is sightly worse.  I can get a diaper shirt on her no problem, but pants... oh.my.god.  I get one leg in and the kicking starts.  Every time I get the second leg in she's got the other one out and she's rolling over to escape.  I try sitting her and sliding her legs in.  This is Very hard when she's crawling away from me.  I usually win the battle when I slide the leg up as close to her knee, if not over, as possible so when she kicks or runs away the pants are too hard to get off.  Although she might be learning how to pull her pants off.  One nap she was screaming so I went in to check on her and her pants were off.  I asked Lynden if he pulled them off and he said no, baby sister had done it.  I don't know if I believe him, I know I don't want to.  I'll never get her dressed if she can pull her own pants off.

Sleepers are the worst!  It's a shirt and pant combo in one, with snaps!  I get the legs in only to have her try to get to the other side.  By the time I get her back and one arm in both legs are free.  Even after I get all 4 limbs into the contraption I have to get her to stay still long enough to do up the snaps.

I'm truly surprised I get her ready for bed every night; diaper change AND a sleeper.  It'd be a lot easier to let her sleep completely naked every night but then I'd have more laundry to do. 

I dread changing and dressing her.  So if you come over and she looks like this you know why.

notice the other leg is not dressed
They have these new slip on diapers; I'm very tempted to try them.  $25 for 86 of them isn't too bad ($0.29 a diaper compared to $0.16-0.22 a diaper when I buy the normal kind); it's a little bit more but it might release some of my stress of changing her. 

Do you have a squirmy baby? If so, what are your secrets??


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  1. We went with the pull-up type ones when our kids reached that squirmy stage. So worth it!

  2. Haha! I see we have lived through the same experience, right down to our dislike of snappy sleepers. :) I am not alone!