Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Question Friday - Nov 4

1. What movie do you love to quote?
None come to my mind.  When we were in highschool any chance we had to recite Delirious by Eddie Murphy we did. 

2. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?
No, but I could have... once.  I don't know many people with motorcylces so it's not an opportunity that comes up. 
But my once story is kind of interesting... to me.  A few months after Danny and I had started seeing eachother I was sitting at the bus stop after work when a very cute guy and a few of his friends got stopped at the light.  I kept looking at the one guy because he looked a lot like a singer from a local band.  I guess he caught me looking at him and offered me a ride on his bike.  I considered his offer but decided against it. 
That was my one chance to ride a motorcycle.

3. What's your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?
I love listening to the sound of rain, especially when it's pouring.  It was something I missed when we lived in the Okanagan.  My absolute favourite thing to do when it's raining is settling on the couch and watching movie, but with kids that doesn't happen in the middle of the day anymore.  So now we play with playdoh, race cars, etc.

4. Do you prefer a bunch of small gifts or one really big (expensive) gift?
It doesn't really matter to me much, I prefer the thought that goes into a gift no matter the size.  Although a pair of nice earrings is a small gift right??  ;-)

5. Do you ever lose track of days and end up somewhere wrong?
I lose track of days easily, but thankfully have never shown up anywhere wrong before.  I always seem to have markers that tell me what day it is, when I do need to know (like swimming, Danny's work schedule, etc).

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