Friday, November 18, 2011


Um... Mother Nature I moved away from the Okanagan.  I should not be able to see white on the ground, not yet.  It's not allowed to snow until after my birthday so you are early.  I am not impressed. 

However, I see the Okanagan is getting it's snowfall too.  I've heard close to a foot the other night and they have a snow warning for 10cm today.  Oh, I miss the Okanagan, I really do.  I like my warmth but the snow is pretty (the first day when it's all white and clean.  After that it's slush and I don't like slush). 

Seeing snowflakes falling from the sky last night made me think of the snow last year.  The Okanagan didn't get as much as I was expecting but it felt like more.  Normally I'd have a man around to snow the driveway but with Danny living on the coast I was solo pregnant mama who had to get to work, which meant shovelling the driveway. 

I'm not posing, I was shovelling
Alyssa was born 2 days later
Thankfully I had an eager helper. 

He loved helping.  When I was using the shovel he would take his beach toys and Tonka dump truck out and pile show into the back of the truck, push it to the side, and dump the truck. 

Thankfully Danny can shovel this year, with Lynden's help of course!

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