Monday, November 7, 2011


Today my sister turns 25, and I love bugging her about it (she's constantly saying that 25 is almost 30, to which I remind her 30 is half way to 60).  Sorry sis, but we're all getting older.  Better to be getting older than not. 

My sister is an amazing woman and I am so proud of who she's become.  Even though I'm the older sibling, and in regard to birth order we're where we're suppose to be, she's the one who I look up to. 

When we were kids we didn't get along much, like most siblings, and we hung out in very different crowds (she was a cool kid, I was not).  I was picked on for most of my school years and it was my sister who would step in and save me, even though she was about a foot shorter than I was. 

Over the years we've both been through our own hard times but we've always had each other's backs and were able to be fairly honest with each other.  In the last few years it's been a lot of me leaning on her and she's always been there, listens to my rants, calms me down, and helped me see the other side of things. 

When Danny and I decided we were going to get married we originally had planned to get married at city hall.  We had talked about who our witnesses would be and I knew my sister was going to be one of them.  When we decided we were going to have a ceremony and invite our family I called my sister and asked her to be with me (for technical terms she was my Maid of Honour, even though we didn't really have a title).  There was no one else I wanted to be standing beside me when I married the love of my life. 

When I got pregnant with Alyssa, Danny and I talked about who we wanted for godparents (Lynden only has a godfather) and I said I wanted my sister to be her godmother (Alyssa doesn't have a godfather).  I was really excited to ask her and was thrilled when she said yes.  I even gave Alyssa her middle name after my sister (and grandmothers, who all have the same name) - I knew all along once I had a daughter she would have a middle name after them. 

Today my sister turns 25 and she truly is an amazing woman who can do anything she sets her mind to.  There's no one else I would want to  have as a sister.  Happy Birthday, I love you so much.

I cannot wait to celebrate her 30th, because don't you know: that's half way to 60!

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