Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Someone's Coming!!!!!!!!

Ok, I said Thursday I'd post about Lynden's new friend who is coming to stay with us but I just can't wait anymore.  I've been SO excited about this since I learned about it back in mid October. 

But I should start at the beginning.  I am a Pinterest addict and through this horribly wonderful site I discovered something called Elf on the Shelf.  Basically it's an elf that comes and stays at your house, for however long you decide, watches the children, and reports back to Santa if the children have been naughty or nice. 


It gets better. 

The original story doesn't allow for the children to touch the elf, as he may lose his Christmas magic.  Every night the elf travels to the North Pole and comes back, meaning every morning the elf is somewhere different. 

Over the years the elves have become more than an elf who sits on a shelf, they've created some mischief.  If you google Elf on the Shelf ideas you gets thousands of different things elves have done. 

This year is our first year with our elf and Lynden has No idea he's coming.  Our elf is going to be mischievous.  I cannot not wait for our elf to arrive on Wednesday; he'll be waiting at the door when we get home from skating. 

As excited as I am for our new friend to stay with us I'm also a little worried that he'll scare Lynden. Thankfully the elf has some tame things planned for this year, hopefully easing any scariness.  The only thing that would be worse than Lynden being scared of him is Lynden having no interest in it. 

I am really hoping this becomes a tradition that we all love and look forward to every year.

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