Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dash's Arrival

I have been waiting almost 6 weeks for tonight. 

Tonight when we got home from skating there was a knock at the door.  When we went to see who it was we found Dash, our Christmas Elf (Elf on the Shelf).

We took him upstairs to find out was in his backpack.

It was a letter.

Dear Lynden and Alyssa

This is Dash; he’s a Christmas Elf from the North Pole.  He is 736 years old and works in the kitchen.  He has a sweet tooth; he loves chocolate, candy, marshmallows, and everything else sweet.  He enjoys working in the kitchen adding a special ingredient to everything he makes; a dash of love.

I have asked Dash to stay with you for a while and let me know if you have been naughty or nice, I hope you’ve been nice. 

In the old days Dash would come back to the North Pole every night to let me know how good you’ve been but with new technology we can now talk through the moon.  So, it’s very important that every night Dash sits at a window so we can talk. 

When I come on Christmas Eve Dash will be coming home with me to the North Pole. 

I should warn you, Christmas elves like to have fun.  Please help clean up any mess he may make while he’s staying with you.  It’s a good way to stay on the nice list. 
Santa Clause

Lynden's very excited (phew!).  He instantly asked if Dash could sleep in his bed with him, to which Danny reminded him that Dash needs to sit on at a window so he can Santa how good he's been. 

Once Lynden understood the letter and what everything was all about Lynden took Dash into his room, read him a story, gave Dash his Mickey Mouse blanket, gave him all Lynden's favourite toys, and put Dash to bed.  After Dash woke from his 30 second nap Lynden carried Dash everywhere. 

He is fascinated that either Santa or Dash (we're not sure which one) knocked on the door, he wants to know why Dash doesn't talk, and even Alyssa seems to take a brief liking to the elf (she grabbed him from Danny and shook him). 

Now I'm not saying Lynden's acting different because of our new friend but tonight Lynden ate all his dinner without a peep. 

Before Lynden went to bed we had to put Dash at a window so he can talk to Santa. 

I think Dash should be giving Santa reports of a good boy today.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post our elf likes to have some fun.  Can't wait to see what he has planned for tonight.

If you participate with Elf on the Shelf I'd love to see what your elf does.

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