Friday, November 4, 2011

What Would You Do?

Awhile back there was a video floating around on Facebook that caught my attention. "The Today Show" staged an abduction of a 7 year old girl in public to see what people would do.  You can watch the clip here

To say I was stunned doesn't even come close to it.  People thought someone else would help so no one did anything.  Really?!?!?  You hear a young girl yelling "you're not my daddy.  Someone help me" and you think "someone will help that girl" and keep walking.  This is not right!

In elementary we were taught about Stranger Danger and what to do.  We were taught yelling "you're not my dad (or mom)" is the best thing to do because someone will hear us and help.  Yet that all goes right out the window because someone else will help??

As a parent this is a terrifying thought.  If one of my kids is yelling for help I'd hope someone would help, or at least see what the problem was. 

After watching this clip Danny and I got to talking about what we would do.  We both said we'd stop and see what the problem was but then I asked him a follow-up question that stumped him (and I) a bit. 

If you in the situation that was staged, approached the child, asked what was wrong, and was told by the man "I am her dad, she wandered away from us, and now is in trouble" what would you do?  Do you believe the "dad" or the child?  Do you call the police?  Make a scene?

Neither Danny or I really knew what we would do in that situation.  My gut says you have to listen to the child and take cues from him or her.  I'd hate to be the person who makes a big scene over a child who is misbehaving but I'd die if I was the person who let the "dad" walk away with a child that wasn't his. 

What would you do?

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  1. You are absolutely right. In school I was taught about "Stranger Danger" and I was told to yell, kick, bite, scream or anything else I could do to loosen their hold on me.. I can't believe no one would help the little girl whether it was staged or not. I know one thing for sure, I wouldn't stand by and watch. It's dis-heartening to know that people just think "oh someone else will help". Honestly, its ridiculous. I would have to listen to the child, if they say "hes not my dad" or vice versa... then people need to be aware and listen to the child. If the "dad" kept saying "she is my child" Id ask to see some proof, like a care card photo's on the cell phone or in the wallet. I'd also alert athorities. The times we live in call for measures to be taken. When I was a kid, it was safe to walk to school, now not so much. I know one thing is for sure, Ayla will know what to do in a situation like this.