Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alyssa May Be My Favourite

As a parent it's our job to comfort our children, when they're hurt, scared, or just need a cuddle.  A lot of time when they're crying we want to sing to them.  This is unfortunate for my children; I may know the words but I cannot carry a tune for the life of me. 

When Lynden was a newborn (I should point out newborns are tone deaf) would cry when I would sing to him.  Danny didn't believe me so we took turns singing a song and Lynden would listen when daddy sang, but cried when mommy sang.  True story.  So I took to humming to Lynden, which he liked. 

Now he's seems to be tone deaf because he asks me to sing songs quite often.  Poor kid. 

While Lynden's had this cold he's been sleeping in our bed (he waked up often crying) with Danny while I've been moving between the couch and Lynden's bed.  Alyssa's also been a bit off and wants the extra contact at night, so she ends up in Lynden's bed with me.

Last night she was harder to get back down after she woke up at 11 so I picked her up and laid her down in Lynden's bed as I wrestled with blankets.  She cried even louder, so I laid next to her and pulled her in close, which normally calms her down but not this time.  Against better judgement I sang to her, and it worked... instantly. 

I sang the "Apple Song" as Lynden calls it (it's from the Sounds Like Learning CD) but I've changed the letters to something (or someone) the kids know.  Alyssa, Brother, Connyr, Daddy, Elmo, Faith, Grandma, Harley, Imbery, Joy, Kaylee, Lynden, Mommy, Nana, Orange, Papa, Quiet, Rylee, Savannah, Tya, Uncle, Viena, Window, Xray, Yaya, Zipper. 

The moment I started singing "Alyssa Alyssa ahh ahh ahh" she calmed down, grabbed her blanket, and closed her eyes.  By the time I got to "Daddy Daddy da da da" she was out.  I finished the song and put her back in her crib.  She was awake 5 minutes later and the only thing that would stop her from crying was the "Apple Song".  It was instantaneous again. 

It was nice to be able to comfort one of my children last night.  Lynden woke twice in 15 minutes last night while we were watching the hockey game.  The first time I went in and all he wanted was daddy, so Danny went in and got him back to sleep.  A few minutes later he was awake and crying again.  I went in to see what was wrong and I was told "I don't want you here". 

Yep, last night Alyssa was my favourite.

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  1. Aww don't feel bad about him saying that. Ethan went through a phase any time I checked on him he would sleepily but loudly and firmly yell ''Get out!'' or ''Just let me be!'' It didn't last long.

    Hope Lynden feels better soon!