Monday, November 21, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Songs

On Friday a bunch of us (family) went to Feist, and we went in STYLE!  A limo was rented and a party was happening.  We cranked the tunes, sang, they drank, laughed, and had a Great time.  Although Feist was a bit of a bust we all had an evening to remember.

My sister's Iphone was our music and even though I prefer heavier music I knew 99% of the songs played.  It got me to thinking of my guilty pleasure songs. 

I didn't know the name of this song (although it's obvious) or the artist.  I saw him perform this song on Ellen and damn it's catchy.  Guess that's the point.

This song came out when I was working in a warehouse with a bunch of delivery boys who love pop music.  I would never have heard this song if it wasn't for them

This video is Cheese.... but I love the song

After I added this song I took Lynden for a haircut and this was playing on the radio. 

I went and bought this album because of this song.  I don't know what it is about the song but I Love it!

This is another one that I just love.  I am tempted to buy the CD just so I can have the song.

What are your guilty pleasure songs?

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