Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Continue To Love

I've done a few posts about things I love about my kids (you can read them here and here), and they continue to make me love them more and more with the small things.  Here's some more things I love about my kids:


  • How he has to hug and kiss Alyssa before she goes to bed
  • He tells people not to beep because "sister is sleeping"
  • When eating he'll randomly lean over, rub my arm, and say "I wove you mommy" (still not pronouncing his l's, which is fine by me)
  • He's a daddy's boy except at night. 
    If Danny's home he wants daddy to do anything and everything with him.  I'm not even allowed to put him to bed at night if daddy's home, but if it's the middle of the night and he comes into our room he's all about mommy.
  • How quickly he picks things up.  After swimming lessons grandma, who comes to most, said she had to go home to cook dinner for grandpa.  Lynden said "or you could buy it".
  • When he wakes up in the morning, before Alyssa, he closes the baby gate so "sister doesn't fall down the stairs".  He's even done it when he wakes up in the night and we're still in the livingroom.
  • He loves putting money into his piggy bank
  • When he reads me books
  • When he's doing something he'll say "I missing sumfing" and goes and gets something
  • He has to run laps around the house when he's naked
  • He points out the firetrucks everytime we drive by
  • The way he looks so big sometimes.  He's not my baby boy anymore, he truly is a big boy
  • How excited she gets when you ask her if she wants milk or food
  • She follows Lynden and I into the bathroom
  • If you look at her when she's playing and she catches you she gives you the biggest smile and giggle
  • When she eats her cheeks look like she's squirreling away food
  • When she's in the pool she tries to crawl on top of the water
  • She has no fear (which was not a good thing when she tried to crawl down the stairs when the baby gate was left open.  The next time someone went down the stairs she was at the baby gate standing and waiting)
  • How she giggles when I put my cold hands on her belly when changing her diaper
  • When you're playing with her and Lynden leaves the room you can tell her "go get Lynden" and she goes after him
  • When you put her down at sleeping time (naps and bed) she grabs for her blanket and chews on the corner.  It's not uncommon to check on her and she's sleeping with her blanket in her mouth
  • How she sits on her knees.  It's easier for her to get back to crawling
  • When she giggles for no reason
holding hands at the pumpkin patch

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