Sunday, May 29, 2011


While feeding Alyssa and looking at her elbow dimples, which are beyond cute, Lynden put on his turtle backpack and reminded me that Grandma Ellie gave it to him.  As he ran around playing with his toys wearing a shirt, underwear and his backpack (yes, no pants) I smiled and couldn't help but think of how over the moon in love with my kids I am.  Here's some of the many things I love about them.

  • He says "dammy" when he can't decide if he wants mommy or daddy.  Usually it's daddy
  • When he forgets to use the magic word and you remind him he says "oh pees".  I don't know why he includes the "oh" but he does
  • He gives the worlds best "skeez" (aka squeeze) hugs
  • He will just randomly decide to go and snuggle with his sister
  • "Wook at me mommy"  - I wove he can't say his l's
  • He loves to look at himself in the mirror.  It's not conceded, just genuine interest in what he looks like
  • The look on his face when he thinks he's funny.  He closes his eyes and smiles when he tells us his funny
  • His new thing when he doesn't want to do something is to tell us "back is sore"
  • How he lines up all his cars, either to make one long line or they're all facing the same direction side by side
  • His wonderfully cheesy smile - this will have girls all over him later
  • His love for "Kesser" and his sticker hockey book
  • He either tells me where he's going to hide while playing hide and seek or he laughs when I get it wrong
  • When you ask him to do something he says "not yet" or "have to wait"
  • He loves to "cuwwle" (aka cuddle)
  • No matter how many times we blow bubbles he's always enjoys chasing after them
  • How excited he gets about going over bridges
  • (He'll hate me for this one later) When he's grabbing at himself he says "it's big, it's really big"

  • Her thigh rolls
  • The way her eyes scrunch when she smiles
  • She buries her head into your shoulder or chest when she's beaming
  • She smiles at Lynden when she seems him without any prompting
  • When she's sleeping at night and wants me she flails her arms until I hold her
  • Right before she falls asleep she jabbers, it's like she has important things she Must tell us before she naps
  • How she holds my fingers
  • She gnaws on her index finger or thumb, one at a time
  • When she tries to move while on her belly - she gets her knees under her and almost rolls herself over her head
  • When she's eating she has to stop and tell the closest light about how yummy it is - at least that's what I'm saying she's talking about.  When she's done she flops back to her side so she can keep eating, because it is so yummy
  • How her eyes roll back in her head when she's eating
  • How she holds the blanket to her face when she sleeps
  • How I am the centre of her world and no one compares to her mommy
Those are just some of the many many things that make my heart swell with love when I look at my children each day.

And while I'm at it, here are some things I love about my husband.
  • He kisses me before he leaves for work, even if I'm sleeping
  • His heart breaks when Lynden asks him if he has to go back to work (it sounds horrible but that's how much he loves our kids)
  • Our "hmm" moments.  One night we were watching TV and there was a commercial for something or other and as he said "hmm" I made the "hmm face".  And earlier today he was reading about Sublime (he didn't believe me when I told him I thought I heard a new single that sounded a lot like Sublime) and he said "hmm" to which I responded with "hmm?" and he answered me.
  • He randomly brings home a chocolate bar
  • He also randomly remembers random things about me, usually about sweets.  He brought home those Rocket candies because I had mentioned once that I love them.  Or he sees dark chocolate mini eggs and buys them for me because I LOVE LOVE dark chocolate and mini eggs (although I'll only eat them at Easter since it's an Easter candy.  I'm not thrilled about them being available all year round since I could binge on them the other 11 months of the year and not enjoy them in the 1 month I do binge on them).
  • He kills spiders without giving me a hard time about being scared of them.
  • He teaches Lynden the oddest things.  If you ask Lynden "do you know where you are?" he answers with "In the Jungle Baby, you're gonna die" - it's funny and cute but why???
  • I'm going to mention this one since I'd like for Danny to start again and it was one of the things that made me like him at the beginning - he (used to) holds doors open for me.

**I was going to add some photos to this post, but the laptop died this morning and all my photos are on there.  Keep your fingers crossed we can fix it tonight so I can get my photos from the last year back.

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