Monday, April 30, 2012

What I Wore: Wedding Edition

Meghan at Absolute Mommy is doing a fun link-up for her 7th wedding anniversary.  What I wore: wedding day edition. 

(There aren't many great pictures of my wedding dress - no photographer and a dress that did not fit well don't make a great combination)

Dress (online knock off of a dress I loved, see a post coming this week) = $150
Jewellery (bought online only to have a note included saying they were out of stock of what I ordered so they sent me this instead) = $50
Veil was borrowed
Shoes (can't see in this photo but they were pink) I already owned (I decided to go with shoes I knew I could last most of the night in)

Danny wore a suit we had bought the year before for another wedding he was in.  He looked good!

A friend of Danny's who got married a few years before us just celebrated their 5 year anniversary and Danny liked their idea to get dressed up in their wedding suit and dress and have photos done.  It's a sweet idea that we might consider.  However, I would need to rent a dress for the photos (my dress got ruined and since it doesn't fit anyways I'm not heart broken).  Then, maybe, I can have some wedding photos that I like looking at (my dress really didn't fit me, but that's what happens when you order online and it shows up 3 weeks late). 

Don't get me wrong, our wedding was a GREAT day.  I LOVED my hair and felt like the most beautiful woman on the earth.  Looking back, I'd change the dress :-)


  1. You and Danny look great! You guys should do a trash the dress session. Jason and I had a blast when we did ours!

  2. I love that picture of you two! Your bouquet colors are really pretty too!

    Sopping by from Absolute Mommy. :)

  3. Aw, that's too bad about your dress! In these pictures it looks great. :) I'm glad the rest of your wedding was awesome.

  4. That picture of you guys on either side of the tree is great!

  5. What a beautiful wedding photo :)

    Following from Mom Blog Monday!

  6. I think your dress looks amazing, though you say it didn't fit right. You two look great. Great pics.

  7. You looked great! I couldn't tell your dress didn't fit. I think you should get another dress and take those pictures!! How fun, I'm going to ask my hubbs about that, but I doubt he'd be up for it. He didn't want to get in a tux the first time!!