Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Out And About: Weekend On The Island

(I'm pre-warning you, lots of photos!)

This past weekend the kids and I headed over to the Island to visit with my dad, stepmom, and youngest sister.  (My other sister and her boyfriend were able to join us for part of the trip)

We were really sad to see them move, but they're new place is great and they live super close to the beach, which Lynden loved!!  He enjoyed it more when he was given a beach shovel!! 

Aunty and Lynden excited to be at the beach
Isn't his shovel cool??

using his shovel to search for treasures

hard to see but in the tree there's a bald eagle

Alyssa enjoying her beach time ;-)
Uncle Kevin is too cozy!

Lynden's other favourite: throwing rocks

On Sunday, after our sunny trip to the beach the Easter bunny arranged for Lynden to do a small egg hunt with his Aunty. 

getting excited

Alyssa carrying her basket
I really took the picture because of her CRAZY hair

there's some eggs over there!

She's too funny when she's upset

Lynden's haul!

Lynden's egg!

After the egg hunt we decided to take advantage of the beautiful sun and spend some time in the back yard. 

trying to use a skip rope

I adore his cheesy smiles

Alyssa checking things out

soccer time



back to soccer again

Alyssa's turn

Lynden pouting over the soccer game

more pouting
he wasn't thrilled I was photographing it

walking away from me

sitting to pout

watching from the side lines


he kept sticking his tongue out

Alyssa still playing soccer

We had a great trip, even though Alyssa's teeth (which I've been waiting for since her birthday) are trying to come through all at once, I think there's about 4 or 5 trying to break through at once.  She was a lot bit cranky whiny miserable demanding clingy off.  However, she did learn how to climb up and down stairs this weekend.

On the ferry there she walked over to the slide stairs and went up without any demonstration.  Once at my dad's she practiced sliding down some small stairs into their dining room.  By the time we got home she had mastered it.  She also figured out how to slide off their sofa while we were there too. 

Lynden had a truly wonderful time.  Normally when we go somewhere for a few days he's asking to go home every other hour from the moment we leave the house.  Not this time.  Even on the way home he was asking to go back.  I am looking forward to the next visit out there, especially when it's summer time and we can hang out at the beach all day! 

Now we're looking forward to Danny's sister to arrive Thursday night and the Easter bunny's visit this weekend. 

And to make the weekend even better when I checked in with Danny on Sunday he told me I got a package in the mail.  I received my first prize from Breakfast with Tiffany's Giveaway.  Thank you to Lena from Mom2MemphisAndRuby for my beautiful clutch!

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