Friday, April 20, 2012

5QF - April 20

1. Groceries are high right now, what is the easiest way you've found to cutback?

I wish I could say couponing but 95% of the coupons I have are for anything but food.  I find it helps making a menu plan and buying only what we need.  It helps cut back on the impulse buys and overbuying. 

2. What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?

See Machu Picchu, meet Trevor Linden (my son was named after him), and learn to dive.  (Check out my top 25 items on my Bucket List)

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one day

3. Would you rather give up AC or heat.

AC!  Not a problem.  I like heat and it takes a lot to get to my breaking point, which is around 35, even pregnant. 

4. What's your favourite cocktail.

Mojitos, oh I do love mojitos.  It's funny, I'm not much of a drinker (you can read about it here) but I had the (slight) possibility of going to Cuba last weekend (I was waiting to see if my sister's boyfriend's passport arrived.  If it didn't I was going as a last minute replacement) and since the Cubans came up with the mojito I planned on drinking many of them.  (For the record, don't order them in the Dominican.  I figured being a hop, skip, and jump away they could make them but they use mint liquor instead of real mint.  So disappointing). 

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Triple Berry Mojito

5. What was your first job and how old were you?

I was 18 and I ended up getting 2 jobs at the same time, both seasonal help at Mark's Work Warehouse and Baskin Robbins.  The latter ended up keeping me on for an extra 6 weeks while the owners went on vacation; it was not bad.  I had to make waffle cones every morning and if some were cooked too long (which seemed to happen every so often) you couldn't put it out so we were to dispose of them.  We also got 50% off so I ate a lot of icecream while working there.  It was a pretty good job, until I had a food inspector show up (without the owners in town) and failed on things I was never told about. 


  1. I wish some of those people on those couponing shows would just grocery shop for me! I need to go check out your bucket list, too! I tagged you in a game of blog tag, check out the challenge on my page :) -Jessica

  2. Hi Amanda! Thanks for following my blog! Following you back! Love your answers to the 5 questions! what fun. Your first job reminds me of my first job at a movie theater. Unlimited free buttery popcorn- man... did I ever gain some weight! Lol But it was SO good!!!

    Happy Monday!