Thursday, April 5, 2012

An Easter Surprise From Dash

Lynden has been talking about Dash quite a bit lately.  Every now and again, out of the blue, Lynden will talk about something Dash did or tell us Dash is coming back when it's Christmas. 

Sadly, we haven't heard from Dash since last Christmas.  Until today. 

This morning Lynden and I checked the mail and Lynden was thrilled there was mail for him. 

We took the mail upstairs to see what Dash had sent us

Turns out the Easter Bunny made a stop at the North Pole and left behind some "magic Easter beans", which Dash sent us.

Lynden's a little disappointed he couldn't eat them, but cheered up when I told him the Easter Bunny might bring him some more this weekend. 

I'm not sure Lynden understood what's going to happen when we plant the beans on Saturday but Sunday I think he'll be pretty excited to see what the surprise will be.  Maybe we'll watch some version of Jack and the Beanstalk this weekend so we can show Lynden what magic beans can do. 

Lynden, who has been beyond Fantastic with his manners lately, told me he will say thank you to Dash next time we see him. 

Isn't it just so lucky I happened to have the camera with me this morning?

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  1. What a great idea! My (almost) 3 year old daughter is on a Jack & the Bean Stalk kick right now. I may just have to conjure up some magic jelly beans this afternoon!