Thursday, April 26, 2012

Re-Opening A Chapter

Back in January I wrote about making the decision to leave my employer after being with them (on and off) since 2004.

Since then I've been (mostly) enjoying life as a stay at home mama.  I've been really looking forward to warmer weather; spending time outside with the kids instead of being cooped up in the house while we've been sick or due to gloomy weather. 

So, it would only make sense that my former employer would email me and offer me a few shifts a week at two stores closer to home, which was one of the factors in deciding to not go back in January as they wanted me to travel quite a ways to stores. 

As some discussions and figuring out the daycare situation we've decided I'm going back to work!

I am really excited to contribute to the household income again, as well as having a little break from the kids (which will be good for Lynden who starts preschool in the fall).  Although I'm sure I'll have some guilt at times.

I am also feeling a little nervous.  I was really fortunate with the people I worked with in the Okanagan (they were/are beyond amazing people) and I've only heard good things about the manager I'll be working with but that doesn't stop me from being a little nervous about change.  It's also going to be a change in customers (who were also great in the Okanagan).

So, as of next week I'll be a part time stay at home mom, part time working mom.  Lynden's not handling the news great; he doesn't care if I go to work he's upset because he can't come with me (he doesn't understand that sharp knives and a 3.5 year old don't mix well.  And Yes!  We sell sharp knives). 

This means I'll be a little less frequent with my blogging for awhile until I get into the swing of things (as I'm also taking an online class in the evenings). 

But I am kinda excited to go back to work. 

If you're a working parent after being a full time stay at home mom, how did your kids react?  What was the hardest thing to adjust to?

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