Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a huge hit in our house. 

Danny's sister arrived at our place on Friday and Lynden had a ball!  They played cars (she might be a favourite now), built a fort over his bed, coloured Easter eggs, and she went down the slide multiple times at the park (that might have cemented it). 
love how he stuck his tongue out while working

having fun


Magic Eggs

one of my favourite shots
Saturday we had dinner with Danny's family at his other sister's. The moment we arrived Lynden was off playing with his cousins.  They ran circles around the house playing tag, played trains, rode bikes outside, and Lynden even had his first taste of a trampoline, which he loved.  It was really nice to see him play all day, especially since we have not seen them nearly as much as we want to.  (I'm really sad, I took my camera but didn't get any pictures.  Not even one in Alyssa's Beautiful dress and shoes.  I may have to dress her up in it once I wash it just to get the picture.)

That night Lynden planted his Magic Beans from Dash and was thrilled to be having a sleep over with his Aunt (although it's hard to have a sleep over when you sleep in our bed all night). 

making a hole

putting the beans in

trying to cover them

Sunday morning was Lynden's egg hunt.  It was SO much fun to watch him find his eggs.  The Easter Bunny was smart and saved some of the items from the egg hunt on the Island as well as using some of the Easter goodies given to Lynden during the week (not that Lynden noticed).  The Easter Bunny focused more on toys and such than chocolate. 

one of the first hiding spots

his expression sums it all up

the final haul

what the magic beans grew into

My sister joined us that afternoon for dinner at our cousins.  Lynden had more fun sliding down the slide and bouncing on the trampoline, although not nearly as much fun as Alyssa had being bounced.  Every time she fell over she burst into laughter; I think she made up for not having a jolly jumper.  (Again, I had my camera but didn't get any pictures of them)

This has been one of my favourite Easter weekends.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great Easter! Looks like he had fun doing the eggs.