Thursday, March 22, 2012

Customer Service Stories

It's amazing how my brain gets from point A to B.  The other night I was lying in bed thinking about our trip to the Island soon and somehow ended up reminiscing about some of the funny customers I've had to deal with over the years. 

I'd thought I'd share some of them. 

- While working at a high end kitchen store in a high end part of town we got to see and meet some "interesting" people.  My personal favourite was the older woman who came into the store wearing a matching blue outfit (shoes included) pushing a stroller.  Like most women who worked in the store, we enjoyed cooing over the cute babies in strollers.  One of the other girls I was working with went over to check on the woman in blue and shortly came back to tell us we "had to check out the stroller".  I went towards the customer to "straighten" some stuff and had to choke back a laugh.  In the stroller was not a cute bouncing baby; it was a pug.  Yes, a pug.

- I worked for a while at a kids clothing store and we had adults come in, all the time, trying on clothes.  We had to get pretty creative in our ways to tell them it was a clothing store for kids, which usually just involved suggesting they go with an XL.  One day I was folding shirts on the front table when I had two women come in to look at the shirts.  When they both held up the shirts to themselves (and they were larger women) and talked about sizes.  When I suggested they go with a larger size since we were a kids clothing store they snapped at me "we know that" and then proceeded to go through the entire table unfolding every shirt they could get their hands on. 

- While at the same clothing store we had an angry dad come in to complain about our clothing.  We sold shirts with glitter on them so we would recommend spraying them with hairspray before washing them so the glitter stayed on the shirt.  This dad came into the store to complain about 2 shirts that were bought there, one being a glitter shirt.  We apologized and recommended the hairspray trick.  The second shirt was the one we weren't expecting.  He pulled a shirt out that was covered in mud, no word of a lie, and yelled at us about it being dirty.  He was Furious that this shirt was dirty.  We asked him if he bought the shirt like this, as we couldn't figure out how a shirt covered in mud would have been sold by anyone.  He very angrily told us no, his daughter was playing outside and got the shirt dirty but no shirt should get that dirty and he wanted a refund for it.  I'm not kidding.  When we refused to refund, or exchange, him for the shirt because it just needed to be washed he threatened to sue us (again, not kidding).  After being yelled at for a few minutes about a shirt his daughter got dirty we told him he had to leave or we would call security.  As he stormed out of the store he, again, threatened to sue us.  We never heard from his lawyers.

- Working at House of Knives, which sold knives (shocking, I know), you got used to certain things, like people asking if the knives were sharp.  We always joked about saying "no, we only sell dull knives but for an extra $5 we'll sharpen them for you" since all the knives we sold were ready to go.  One day I had a customer looking at some kitchen knives and watched as he ran his thumb straight down the blade and cut himself.  After giving him a bandaid for his cut I had to hold my jaw shut as he tried to tell me how dull the knife was.  Hello!  I just watched you run your thumb straight down the blade and cut yourself without any effort.  After he was done "playing" with the knives he went to leave.  I went behind the cash desk to tell my manager about my customer cutting himself, but as I got there I noticed the customer standing at the display of cheese graters running his fingers over them.  All I could do was tell my manager that if the customer cut himself again I wasn't dealing with it. 

My all time favourite story:

 - When I started at House of Knives we had Lord of the Rings replicas.  Behind the counter we had Gandolf's staff and one lonely night while working by myself I had some "kids" (younger than me but older than 16) come in to check out the Lords of the Rings stuff.  One of them spotted them staff and asked me if it was Gandolf's staff, I told him it was.  He then went on about all the stuff he could do with the staff when he asked me if it worked.  While working there you got pretty good at telling when people were serious or joking and he was being serious.  The only thing I could come up with was "I don't know, I don't have any wizard's blood in me".  He thought about it for a minute and decided "that's a good point".

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