Friday, March 30, 2012

Resolution Update - March

Well... March sucked.

Being sick for the first 2 1/2 weeks really messed things up.  I didn't do any cooking, which means we didn't really do much cooking during that time.  Hard to be motivated to buy food when you're living off soup, water, and juice. 

Don't worry, the kids ate.  I wasn't a neglectful mom, I called my grandma to feed them.

However, we did end up throwing out food, but because I wasn't on top of it whatever was in the fridge was ignored until the night before garbage day, which is when we do our weekly clean out of the fridge. 

Food wasted:
1 fish stick: $0.50
*4 peppers: $2.25 (was suppose to be used in dinners during the worst of my flu)
75g roast beef: $1.54
*1/2 rack of ribs: $4.12 (should have frozen with the others I froze)
From KFC:

1 piece of chicken, 1/2 a small container of corn, 1/4 of a small container of potato salad, and 1/2 a small container of gravy: $3.35  (All of which I thought was in Danny's lunch)
In total, 1 hot dog: $0.12 (Alyssa only eats 3/4 of a hot dog and by the time she's done Lynden doesn't want it.  I guess I should just eat it)
1 perogy: $0.05 (see above)
250g plain yogurt: $1.50 (should have made banana bread with some of it and added cut up fruit for the kids)
*175g ricotta cheese: $1.50 (meant to use it, then I got sick)
*1/2 can soup: $0.25 (I was souped out)
*4 lasagna rolls: $0.99 (meant to have for lunch the next day but that was the fateful day of the start of my sickness)
*small container of pasta: $0.48 (kids could have eaten it for lunch)
rice and vegetable left overs: $0.65 (nothing I could have done about this.  Danny took it as part of his lunch and then got sick.  He mentioned it might have been food poisoning so it had to be tossed)
Monthly total:
Year to date total:

Average month:
We are on track to throw out $184.92 this year.  That's more than we spend on a week in gorceries.

What I learned:
Being sick sucks! 
*$9.59 of that was due to my sickness. Either it would have been eaten or served as another meal

The decluttering calendar also didn't go as well this month, again because I could barely get off the couch for 12 days and once I could I had to catch up on other stuff.

Here's to a better April!

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  1. Oh, my. I'm scared to think about how much we throw out.

    This month was BAD b/c our freezer died.