Friday, March 16, 2012

Who's Daughter Do I Have?

I am not one who frets over my "style" or lack there of.  I don't own a million pairs of shoes: I own 1 pair of dress boots, 2 pairs of runner, 1 slip on runners, snow boots, and a pair of purple flats that I hope to one day wear (they're for the style I wish I had).  I don't think that's an  unreasonable amount of shoes.  I don't own oodles of accessories; the only belts I own are ones that come with tops, 1 bracelet, which I need to get fixed, 2 pairs of earrings, and... that's it.  No hats, 2 scarves, which I only wear during the winter. 

I know, there are people out there who are wondering how I manage to leave the house. 

Don't fret, I have a daughter who is, apparently, going to make it up for me.  We've had to take to hiding her shoes because if she seems them she must have them on, right up until bedtime.  She brings us hats and sunglasses to put on her.  She's now taken to bringing me clothes so I'll get her dressed in the morning. 

I am not really sure where she gets this from.  We're not around people who push accessories; she's around me who, if I could, would have pajama days 5 days a week (don't judge, it's less laundry). 

But I'm a good mommy and when she brings me her hats, sun glasses, shoes, and clothes I do as she asks and put them on her.  She just needs to figure out that a panda fleece hat is going to get pretty warm in the summer and might look funny with shorts.  Granted, Lynden wore his blue toque for almost a whole year.  We had to "lose" it to get him into another hat.

Hopefully she'll be a stylish girl, who does not take after her mommy.  Just means she'll need to call her Aunty to go clothes shopping later on.


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