Friday, March 23, 2012

Seriously, Get The F*@^ Out!

Monday was yet another installment of sickness in our household; this time it was Alyssa's turn.

She's down to 1 nap a day and I plan it to coincide with Lynden's quiet time.  Monday she went down just before 1pm and Lynden went down not long after her.  Thankfully, Lynden actually napped.  30 minutes into Alyssa's nap I could hear her softly crying.  She doesn't wake up that quickly into a nap, ever, and she doesn't cry when she wakes up, ever.  I thought maybe she was just fussing and let her go for a few minutes (I now regret that).  After 5 minutes she didn't quiet down so I went in to check on her thinking she might have thrown her blanket out of the crib.


(I should preface this by saying Alyssa's room is dark when she's sleeping.  We have a dark sleeping bag hanging in her window to keep the light out, so the only light we have in there is an Ikea night light)

When I went in she had what looked like a booger hanging out of her nose so I wiped her nose, only to notice there was some around her eye.  I thought she had rubbed her nose and then her eye.  As I went to wipe it she turned her head and I knew I was wrong.

The back of her head was caked in vomit. 

It was also all over her pillow, blanket, bedding, and her.  I quickly picked her up and took her into the bathroom.  I stripped her, got undressed myself, and took her into the shower. 

After washing her I bundled us in towels and took her into our room so I could get dressed.  This is when I should have realized how bad it was going to be. 

Anytime she's on our bed she wants to crawl around, not this time.  She was quite content to lie under the blanket while I got dressed. 

We spent the rest of the day snuggling on the couch between spells of throwing up. 

Nothing breaks your heart more than listening to your baby cry while getting sick.  I know I want (and sometimes do) to cry when I get sick so I understand why she was crying but it's so hard to not be able to explain anything to her.  When Lynden was sick for a week we could explain to him it was his tummy's way of getting the bad stuff out, but with Alyssa there's nothing you can say that will help her through it. 

For her to spend hours lying on the couch with us was a sign of how rotten she felt.  When I say she doesn't cuddle I mean she doesn't cuddle.  She'll sit on our lap, she'll put her head down for a minute, two if she's in a mood, and then she's off to do this or that.  So hours of snuggles and cuddles is unheard of. 

Lynden was awesome during all of it too.  He's normally after me all day to play with him, and I try to oblige as much as I can (but I have things I need to get done so sometimes he needs to play on his own), but once I told him sister was sick he was happy to play on his own.  When Danny got home one of the first things Lynden told him was "you need to be quiet because sister is sick".  I am beyond impressed with how well Lynden was with it. 

I had to laugh when he was sitting on the couch when Alyssa started to get sick.  Once she started Lynden sprang off the couch and ran to his room.  He later told me he did it because he "didn't want to get any throw up on him".  If only I could have ran too...

Thankfully she had an excellent night, as she normally does.  She was in bed by 7:15 and woke up at 8:15 the next morning. 

I hope she's over the worst of it but I'm not going to lie; I LOVE the cuddles.  Maybe she liked it too and will start to snuggle more. 

I can hope right?

Since writing this, earlier in the week, Lynden showed signs of another sickness.  Two nights ago he complained of a sore tummy, which he does quite often since being sick for that week, so we let him come sleep with us.  Yesterday he continued to talk about his tummy hurting and barely ate anything all day, he even put himself down for a nap at 11:30 (this is a kid who fights any and all sleeping).  By bedtime last night he's temperature rose to 38.5. 


This morning he's still a little pale, but the fever is gone.  We'll see how he eats breakfast and go from there.  He's suppose to have a sleep over at Gramma's house today with one of his favourite cousins, so I Really hope it was quick and easy.

For those of you keeping track at home, that's 8 rounds of some sort of sickness in the last 5 weeks. 

I have disinfected the whole house (door knobs, cabinets, light switches, bathrooms, floors, etc), we haven't done much for outings (because we've all felt so rotten these last few weeks), and no one has come over (again, because we've been sick) and yet we continue to have various flare ups of this and that. 

So, this is a notice to the germs in my house, because they read my blog, GET OUT!  You are not welcome here!  We've endured your miserable stay and now you have outstayed any welcome you may have had. 

Here's hoping this is my last post about illness in my house. 

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  1. Hope you are all happy and healthy soon. And hope its a VERY long time before those mean bugs come back! xo