Thursday, March 15, 2012

Isn't That Pinteresting: Mar 15

While I've been dying sick I've managed to get on Pinterest every so often (how hard is it to look at the computer screen and click repin when you can't do anything???).  Check out what's caught my eye

Pinned Image
Scrapbooking Page
I love everything about this
Pinned Image
Some sort of brownie dish
I'd bathe in this it looks that good
Pinned Image
adding fabric to a collage frame

Pinned Image
Thumb print Heart
I Want!

Pinned Image
Pop Bottle Art Work
I'm going to make this for Alyssa's bedroom

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Sex in a pan
I think Everyone has pinned this

Pinned Image
Ogopogo explained

 What's caught your eye on Pinterest?

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