Monday, March 26, 2012

Isn't That Pinteresting - Easter

Easter is not too far away and Lynden is super excited.  Not just because the Easter Bunny is coming, who by the way has started to walk to our house, according to Lynden, but also because Aunty Dana is coming!  Since we've told him she's coming he's asked me "when is Aunty Dana and the Easter Bunny coming" about 100 times. 

As I mentioned in my Mommy Guilt post we're not a "crafty" bunch but around holidays my friend Ellen and I get our kids together (they're a month apart) and do something (her daughter is crafty).  Last year we made Easter baskets and sugar cookies, which the kids helped us decorate.  We're getting together next week, hopefully, and to get ideas of possible craft ideas I, of course, turn to Pinterest. 

Here's some of my favourite pins from my Easter board.

Pinned Image
Paper Cones
Woudn't these be cute hanging outside??

Pinned Image
Easter Egg Ideas
Some good ideas for non-candy ideas
Pinned Image
Rubber Ducks
Perfect for Alyssa
What a cute idea
Capture the Bunny
So cute
(would even work with Elf on a Shelf)
Pinned Image
Bunny Suckers
Lynden's all about suckers
Pinned Image
Dying eggs with a whisk
One less mess
Pinned Image
Easter Bunnies
Lynden might agree to this
Pinned Image
Countdown to Easter
Maybe this will help with the "when?" questions
Pinned Image
Egg Birds
How cute are these?
Pinned Image
Milk Carton Bunny
too cute

What are some of your favourite Easter pins?

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