Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trip Down Memory Lane: Winter Classic

Over the last month and a bit I've been backing up our photos and it's been fun to look back at them.

Back in 2008 Danny and I spent New Years back east to go to the Winter Classic Game in Buffalo, NY. 

There are some more pictures somewhere but I cannot find them for the life of me.  Hmmm...

It was a good game, Pittsburgh won in a shoot out.  We got to talking to a bunch of people in our section, most of whom were quite surprised we travelled from Canada to watch a hockey game.  A) Canada is about not far from Buffalo and B) We Canadians LOVE our hockey! 

The one story that will always stay with me is the one about the girl sitting next to me.  She knew we were from Canada and learned that Canada and the USA are not that different.  At one point Jon Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" came on and I sang along to it. 

Astounded, she said to me "You know who Jon Bon Jovi is?"

Me: "Yes"

Her: "I'm sorry, I keep talking to you like you're from a different country."

I didn't have the heart to tell her I was. 

We then talked about all the music they have in the states and the fact that we, Canadians, know the same songs and artists. 

I wish we had managed to plan for the hockey game a bit better.  We got up at 5am to catch a greyhound to Buffalo, got out of the bus depot to get onto a bus that took us right to the game, quickly ate a quick bite before the game (it was super expensive, like $6 for a regular hotdog expensive, and we timed everything in such a way there were no spare minutes to eat), watched a hockey game while watching the clock as it got closer and closer to overtime and the shootout (the last bus back to Toronto left at 6:30 and we were flying home the next morning so we had to catch that bus), ran back to the bus after the game to head back to the greyhound station, arrived with 5 minutes to spare to catch the bus, sat on the greyhound back to Toronto, got off the bus and begged Danny's aunt and uncle to stop for food since he hadn't eaten since we arrived at the game.  In hindsight we would have loved to have stayed in Buffalo the night before so we could have done some tailgating (and ate) before hand. 

It was a blast though.  Something I'd love to do again.

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