Friday, March 2, 2012

Love Love Love

Yet another installment of things I love about my kids.


- he helps Alyssa with her bottle
- loves to wear his backpack.  He puts all his cars in it and will wear it all day.
- how he knows how to get from point a to b, on his own (I may dread this later)
- when I ask if he needs to use the potty he tells me "I just dancing my feet"
- how quick he picks up on things.  When we were coming home from the Aquarium on the skytrain he remembered we needed to go through "2 little tunnels and 1 big one"
- how much he loves his daddy; he is a daddy's boy
- I was lying in bed with him when Danny left for work; Lynden wanted a hug and it was so sweet the way he wrapped his arms around daddy's neck to hug him
- how he tells me things.  I don't know how to explain it; he's so serious when he tells me things and he cocks his head to the side, gets this look in his eye that means "this is how it's going to be"


courtesy of Amber Lee Photography
- peek a boo.  (My favourite was towards the end of nursing she's play it while nursing.  Yes Alyssa, you've covered your eyes while attached to me but I can't find you ;-)
- when she sits on my lap and wants to cuddle she flops into me. 
- watching her sit in her chair
- how she dances
- crinkle nose (yes, I mentioned this before but it's still so darn tootin' cute)
- she picks up "food" (by "food" I mean a crumb) off her highchair tray and hands it to me
- how she HAS to pull apart her stacking cups everytime I put them back together
- her front side bang.  She has my cowlick (poor girl) but it seems to work with her (lucky girl).  She has the Perfect sweeping side bang, and it's natural. 
- how she "runs"; it's really  fast walking

It's been awhile since I've mentioned things I love about Danny:
- listening to him read to Lynden at bedtime
- he bathes the kids
- he randomly tells me he loves me
- he'll be playing his Xbox but will stop and cuddle Alyssa
- tries to find something about new meals that he likes, even when it's not good
- he enjoys when the kids and I meet him on his walk home
- his "funny" stories that I don't find funny, but I love that he's so amused with them
- he decided on  my secret ingredient in burgers, and he loves my burgers
- is determined to get Lynden into his favourite cartoons, and he might have succeeded since he loved Transformers, GI Joe, and Spider Man.

Oh, I should mention Danny was a little upset with my post about Alyssa's love for Lynden.  He feels that since I didn't mention that he is her third favourite person, which he is, that I meant it as she doesn't even register him.  She does! 

When she hears the door open when he comes home she rushes to the top of the stairs to greet him.  She loves to sit with him, cuddles with him, sleeps with him during her rough nights, smiles when he talks to her, frowns when he frowns (which is Real love for her), all in all daddy is Definitely her third favourite person in the world!  I don't think it will be long before we have a daddy's girl. 
Then we'll have a daddy's girl and a daddy's boy.


  1. these lists are very adorable. i'll have to copycat your idea someday :) i'm now a follower!

  2. Your kids are so adorable. I love your lists, I might have to do that on my blog. Thanks so much for visiting me today! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Awww, that's sweet! I need to do something like this... to help me remember why I love them when they're driving me crazy. ;)