Monday, February 27, 2012

Following In Her Brother's Footsteps

It's no secret I am Alyssa's person, her rock.  That's what happens when you breastfeed for a year and spend as much time at home with her (and Lynden) as I have/do.  It's also no secret that Lynden is her second favourite person. 

From the moment she was able to start moving around on her own she would try to follow Lynden where he went, go for the toys he was playing, smile when he walked near her, and constantly be looking for him.  Now that she's walking she is constantly trying to be near Lynden as much as she can. 

When he goes into another room she is quick to get up and tottle after him.  She has spent so much time observing him it's not surprising to see her mimic a lot of what he does. 

She walks around holding the play phone to her ear the way her brother does.

She finds his hat and/or sunglasses and/or backpack and brings it to me to put it on her.

She will reach into his bucket of cars to put them on the various ramps, or try to drive them across the floor. 

She sits beside him when he's reading with her own book, or lean over to "read" his book. 

She runs back to the bath after she's been dried off to watch Lynden play in the tub.

It's so nice to see how much she adores her big brother, and for the most part he adores her right back.


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  1. SOOOOO sweet! Like the song says, "You're gonna miss this. You're gonna want it back."

    I am always grateful for the fact that I was able to stay home with my wee ones, and again now, with Kurtis.

    I <3 SAHM!

  2. Returning the follow..Thanks for checking out and following I love My Life As a Mommy & a Wife( a great day!

  3. Following back from blog hop! <3 This is too cute! I hope our little man coming soon will be like this with our older boy. :)