Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Love

Awhile back I did a post called Love, since then my wonderful kids continue to do things that make my heart swell.

Here are some more things I love about them:

  • "I have an idea" - Lynden will be playing with something and stop, look at me and say "I have an idea".  It's so cute.  When you ask him what his idea is he will tell you what he was thinking about.
  • "Let's see" - This is usually a pre cursor to "I have an idea" and yes, he rests his hand on his chin and taps his lips with his index finger.
  • Elbows when dancing - I don't know why Lynden puts his elbows as high as he possibly can when dancing, but he does and it's friggin' Adorable. 
  • "Oh yes" - One of Lynden's favourite answers.  "Yes" doesn't cover it, he needs the "Oh" before it.
  • At the store - Sometimes we decide to not give Lynden something so we'll just tell him there's no more.  If only that answer was good enough... now, he thinks for a moment and tells us we can get more at the store. 
  • "I ta no" - Anytime you ask Lynden a question he'll answer with "I ta no" which is his way of saying "I don't know" 
  • Bum shake - Lynden has never been a bum shaker, probably a good thing, but when we were in the Okanagan for my sister-in-law's birthday this summer he was dancing and she got him to shake his bum and we were in tears from laughing so hard.  Now I make him shake his bum everytime he gets out of the tub.

    This video shows his bum shake and his elbows up when he dances.
  • Cooing - I love listening to her "oooo", it's so cute.  She has this sweet little voice.
  • Hugs & Kisses - I know she's too young to understand hugs and kisses, but she does it.  I'll pick her up and she puts her arms around my neck, snuggles in and squeezes.  I'm not kidding, she does it, often.  She'll also open her mouth and put it on my face - these are her kisses.  If she sucks then she's hungry, but usually it's just a kiss. 
  • Breath - This is a weird thing but she has this sweet breath, it's truly wonderful.
  • Scrunchy face - This is my new Favourite thing!  She, randomly, scrunches her face up and smiles.  It's the best thing in the world. 
  • Sleeps on her tummy - I don't know why I find this so cute but I do. 
  • "abababa" - Alyssa's first letter-sound word.  She says it when she's happy, excited, trying to get your attention or is lying in her crib talking to herself.  I haven't mastered the different pitches as to what they mean yet. 
  • Splashes in the tub - She is a water baby, the moment she sees water in the tub she's reaching to splash in it.  As long as she can kick or splash it she's content with anything. 
  • Arm holding - when we eat dinner and Alyssa is done (and playing with her spoon) she'll reach over to me, grab my arm, and pull it towards her.  She wants to hold my arm while she waits for us to be done.
  • Laugh - sadly, Alyssa isn't a baby who laughs often, but when she does it's heart warming.  If I lightly pinch her chubby thighs, tickle her left side, shake my hair, "throw" her up in the air, or "drop" her (while holding her and cradling her neck I'll dip her down to the ground) I'll get a laugh out of her.  Lynden's a pro at getting her to giggle, as is the rake for the sandbox. 

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  1. Aw, this is so sweet! What a great way to remember all the little things!