Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A 3 Year Old's Birthday

On Saturday Lynden turned 3!  I spent the week cleaning the house and getting ready for Friday, which was my cupcake day.  I made 48 good cupcakes and 12 bad cupcakes (the first batch didn't work out) and iced, decorated and fought with them all in less than 5 hours.  I then spent the last half of the day cleaning up and getting ready for my in-laws that were on route from the Okanagan for Lynden's party.

In the end I was happy with my cupcakes - next year I'm going back to a cake.
suppose to be Lightning McQueen but they turned out pink
still yummy
When Lynden got up on Saturday morning we gave him his "Birthday Boy" badge, which he wore all day and gave him his present, a Lightning McQueen ATV.  Sadly, something is wrong with it and we cannot charge it so we're returning it this week.  Lynden had a great time for the 30 minutes he was able to play with it. 
Birthday Boy

riding his ATV
We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon getting everything ready for the party.  By 3:30 our backyard was hoppin'.  The kids played with the tunnels we made out of foam mats, road on various wheeled toys, dug in the sandbox, chased eachother and anything else they could think to play.

Around 4ish we started opening gifts.  Needless to say, someone got Spoiled!  I took a bunch of photos of gift opening but they were all pretty much the same. 

the carnage after gift opening
While the men manned the BBQs the kids played some more while the women scrambled to get the mess organized and getting everything set up for dinner.  After dinner it was time for dessert.  Lynden Loves it when people sing Happy Birthday, he Loves it more when it's sung to him.  His face just lit up! 

It really was a great day with great company. 

We continued with Lynden's birthday on Sunday with a trip to the Zoo (look for the post later this week).  Since Monday was such a miserable day we decided it was the perfect day to stay inside and play with all Lynden's new toys.  Everything was a hit.  We played trains, with both play doh sets, his remote control motorcycle, and some puzzles. 

Mr. Train Conductor

I am so happy my in-laws came from the Okanagan for Lynden's birthday.  I'm also thrilled the weather held out so all Lynden's cousins could celebrate his day with him.  It was a great day.  I'd say a year to go til the next one, but Alyssa turns 1 in January (don't worry - I'm not throwing a 1 year old a party, at least not in the traditional sense) and we're hosting Thanksgiving in a few weeks. 

Thank you to Everyone who helped make Lynden's day so special (a big Thank you to my Grandparents who went above and beyond for us, again).

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