Friday, September 2, 2011

Birthday Countdown

22 days until my son turns 3!!!  Time flies.  At the moment I'm more excited about it than he is, but I think that's because he doesn't understand his birthday is coming soon... very soon.

I'm excited because his last 2 birthday's have been small to-do's and this year we're having an actual party for him.

Lynden's first birthday cake

His first birthday was very small, just us and our family who were living in the Okanagan (our family from the coast would have come up but Danny and I got married a week later so they waited to come for that).  I was torn about what to do for his first birthday since we knew it would be so small and, honestly, it's just about the photos since he had No idea what was going on.  It seemed like a lot of work for a small group of people for someone who wouldn't remember - I know it sounds selfish but it's how I felt.  In the end I'm glad we did something but I still feel like it was more than we needed to do.  

Lynden's 2nd birthday cake

Last year it was another small birthday, as we didn't have many friends Lynden's age in the Okanagan.  This time he got the jist of the idea - cake and presents.  I had shown Lynden his Thomas cake before the party started but he was just excited since it looked like Thomas.  When we brought it out singing "Happy Birthday" he understood it was for him.  Since then we've been to a few different birthday parties so he's been able to see what other people do.  Now he understands it's a special day for this person; they're the focus of attention (what child doesn't want all eyes on them?), they get cake, presents, and people sing - he likes that. 

This year is going to be fun!  Now that we're back down with our family and friends it's going to be an actual kids party.  We're keeping it as small as possible, which is still quite large.  We've finally settled on the theme of Cars and I'm having a lot of fun planning activities, dessert (I'm SO excited about the dessert I'm making this year), and other birthday fun.  I'm not auditioning to be on "Party Mamas" by any means (that show is insanity) but I want Lynden (and Alyssa when she gets older) to enjoy his birthday and enjoy the specialness of the day. 

Through out this month I'll be posting Lynden related stories in honour of his 3rd birthday!!!  Did I mention I'm excited??

What are some of your favourite birthday memories?

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