Thursday, September 29, 2011

Darn You Pintrest

I mentioned awhile back about how I had discovered Pintrest.  It's ridiculous!  When I'm on the computer and bored I go to Pintrest, which causes me to lose track of time.  I have this notion that it will help me be a more creative person.  There are SO many cute and easy and wonderful ideas on there and I want to do so many... but I haven't done any... yet...

The one thing I am looking forward is building a bench for our fireplace.  After watching Danny build a table for our deck I'm convinced I can do it in like an hour (it's going to take me several...days... if I'm lucky.  Who am I kidding?  It'll take me an hour and then Danny will take over and it'll get done).  It was the first thing I pinned and it will be built (I'm aiming to have it done before Thanksgiving weekend). 

There are a lot of Great kid ideas.  One idea I love was a memory picture (that's what I'm calling it), which is where you have a photo of your child at a milestone (say a birthday) and write on the photo key things about them. 

This is what I mean.  Thankfully my cousin took some great shots of Lynden on his birthday and I was able to find 2 pictures that would work for this.  I did both pictures but Danny preferred it.

It was super easy to do too, which is perfect for me.  I was able to do everything in Picassa in about 10 minutes.

This was the other.  I liked it because it had the tractor in the background and I thought he'd say it was his favourite toy - I guessed wrong.  Most of his answers he surprised me on (anything Max & Ruby and Lightning McQueen & Mater were a given).

I love the idea though.  It's a great way to be able to remember the small things later on.  It's also a great way to track him over the years and see his personality develop.

I love his answer about to what he'll be when he grows up.

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  1. Love it! I am so checking out that site, dangerous as it may be:) hehehe